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Apr 17, 2017
I remember my first time in 2008 getting on the island, and my younger brother ventured inside Injun Joe’s Cave. I was too scared to go into the darkness, so my mom went in to look for him while I waited outside. I remember hearing the sounds of howling wolves and I think ghostly moans, which looking back I thought were coming from the cave, but I know today it’s more than likely the sounds are echoing from the Haunted Mansion across the river. I’ve been in the other tunnel, Old Scratch’s Mystery Mine, but I still have not gotten the chance to go into the caverns of the former.
Yep. Easy to hit your head if you aren’t careful.

Easy to do a lot of things, in fact.
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We missed the island when we went last week. It's just impossible to do everything in one day, especially on your first visit!
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Disneyland, on their Tom Sawyer Island, also had an Injun Joe’s Cave (now Dead Man’s Grotto as part of the pirate retheme), and that version really did have scary noises coming from inside. See, there’s a room in both California’s and Florida’s versions of the cave in which guests cross a bridge over a deep pit. California’s used to have a bit of a story added; as explained by a sign on the wall dubbing the room as “Chamber of the Bottomless Pit,” there was legend that the ghost of Injun Joe could be heard moaning from the depths of the chasm (hence the cave’s name). I do not know if this used to be part of Florida’s version as well, since that one also has the room with the bridge, but at least there’s still the rock formations making scary faces.
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The guy in this video actually goes into the cave specifically to point out the ghostly noises and faces in Injun Joe’s. Pretty cool!

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The island always makes me chuckle.

In my day, Disneyland hosted Grad Nights. Seniors from all over the West would come from a 10pm to Dawn party on selected nights. There'd be thousands of HS seniors. It was also the only time security did bag checks. So Local kids would try to beat the system by sneaking in Boones Farm, Annie Green Springs and beer during the day of their school's party and hide it on the island.

Problem was, they forget the island closes at Dusk. At least once per Grad Night the Mark Twain Captain would radio security of swimmers in the river. Security usually waited on the main shore (Indian Village at the time) for the kids swimming back with their booze, help them out if the water, hand them a towel, take the rot gut and escort them to the security office and call Mom and Dad. Fun

Fun times.
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