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Aug 17, 2010

This blog is pretty interesting (and pretty taboo). I'm sure there are some people here who would enjoy reading some stories from people "inside the industry," especially Disney.

Also, if there are any former employees of any theme parks around that want to share some stories, this would be a good place. Having come from a couple of parks myself, I know that guests are always willing to supply cast members with stories. ;)
Very nice, it would be interesting to see if we can dig up any team member stories on the BGW/BGT/KD side of the world :p I know we have a thread for stories about the GP, and random stories of things in the park, but to get team member stories is definitely interesting.
I have lots of potential team member stories, but not any from a Busch park or KD. I'm sure there's someone around here that does, though.
Well, I had/have my own sort of but there is a time and place for these things. I do enjoy a good read, so I hope to see others eventually.
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