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What is the condition of the band organ? I would love to hear it play and it would make the carousel worth visiting.
I have heard 'rumors' that it is being modified with a new music reading system (replacing the punch tape system) that can bring the life back into the organ itself. Rumor, is the key word here. I also cannot remember where I read about this.
I just looked through everything pertaining to the Carousel this season and so far nothing says anything about the organ. However, the Carousel still has a few more years for it's restoration, and the organ can possibly be worked on in the future.
I don't think I even need to bother taking pictures of KD anymore. These are just too amazing! :)
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Yeah, but the band organ at Kings Island only stopped playing in 2004. I have heard that the organ at KD hasn't played since the mid 80s.
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Kings Dominion shared to their Instagram story that the Carousel is getting some detailed paintwork for its 100th anniversary this year!

(Unfortunately, I can't embed Instagram stories to the forum, so I recommend checking out the park's Instagram story before the Carousel update goes away!)
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how magnificent of a job KD hasdone on keeping up with this not just as an operating ride but as a work of art to. If my research is correct this is one of the 25 oldest continually operating Carousels in the country.

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