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Oct 25, 2014
Virginia Beach
Hey guys! I wanted to write about my latest trip to WDW, and since we were there for the Candlelight Processional, i’m just gonna put this in the EPCOT category even though i’m gonna talk about the other things we did. Feel free to move this if you need too bc tbh I’m not really sure where to put it haha.

First off it was really nice being able to go to Disney with friends. We were never able to afford bringing a friend on my trips as a kid so the fact that my school choir goes every other year (which happened to land on my senior year) was really a blessing. I love Disney World so much, I was literally smiling the whole time because I was just so happy to be there, especially since my last trip was in 5th grade. We drove in a packed bus full of choir kids and stopped about every two hours, which sucked but whatever. We stayed in one of the Disney Springs hotels, which was actually really nice bc they had a little cafe that stayed open all night. My little room group actually needed up getting this HUGE room at the end of the hall and it was really sweet. We ordered a pizza that first night, I ate way too many garlic knots and ordered three whole desserts from the cafe.

Our first day we (me and 9 of my other friends) went to Magic Kingdom. It was a beautiful sunny day, and obviously we went to Starbucks first. I had the Mickey Christmas cinnamon roll which was fantastic. We took a lot of pictures in front of the castle obviously. We rode a lot of rides, including the PeopleMover about 5 times when we were waiting for half of our group to get on the Buzzlightyear shooting ride. It was cool getting to see the Tron ride under construction. We happened to come across a stage show which was really fun. For lunch we ate at the Pinocchio tavern which was nice bc that’s where we always went when i was a kid. There was a Tangled eclair which obviously I had to get, and yes it was fantastic. And I took a lot of pictures in the Tangled restroom area. They were closing early for the Christmas Party that night but we were able to stall long enough to watch the castle light up which was amazing. We then went to Disney Springs, and ate at the TRex Cafe.

The next day was for Animal Kingdom in the morning, and Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. My friend Mady and I took a detour and went to Magic Kingdom first, to take a picture with Rapunzel because I had to and that was really the only time we could. We also rode Big Thunder Mountain since it was down the day before. We then went to Animal Kingdom where the rest of our group had just gotten off one of the Avatar rides. That whole area was beautiful by the way. Everest and Dinosaur were super fun with my friend group. Also in line for Everest we started playing heads up, which became a running trend for the rest of the trip. We then went to Hollywood Studios around 2pm. Got more Starbucks, got a picture with Chip and Dale. We rode Tower of Terror like, 3 times, and Rock n Roller Coaster. Galaxies Edge was really cool, coming from someone who doesn’t really know anything about StarWars. Toy Story Land was also cool, Slinky Dog Dash was a lot of fun. We also had a fast pass for RnRC that was for about 5 minutes after we finally got off SDD. So that was tough to get there in time considering it was on the whole other side of the park. I also got this great rice bowl for dinner. Also i found the Grey’s Anatomy poster!

Finally, our last day was EPCOT! We kinda had to be at EPCOT our last day, since that’s when we had the Candlelight Processional haha. We didn’t get to ride much since half of our day was taken up by the processional. We rode the Frozen ride (which the line took forever for) which was fun, but... i don’t like the look of the projected faces on the animatronics. We ate at the French restaurant, which was soo super good. I wish the Ratatouille ride was open. I also pin traded for the first time this trip! I traded for an Alan (from Robin Hood) chaser pin, a Bolt chaser pin, the Orange Bird, a Scar, and my favorite, a Tangled Lantern. The lantern actually has a really nice story. One of my friends had one and she refused to trade it with me, which is fair. But Tangled is my favorite movie, and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find another one. But I happened to spot one on a cast members bag right when we got off the Frozen ride and I traded for that thing right away. We also met Belle, and i went inside the Mexican building for the first time, and it was beautiful! I really wish we had more time to spend in EPCOT, there are so many things I haven’t done there.

And now for the processional! We all met in the Italy pavilion and were taken to the back. We were also given these fun Disney Performing Arts Mickey ears! There’s something really cool about getting to be backstage at a Disney Park. It was rainy and muddy though, which was kinda miserable. Geena Davis was our host which was amazing, I love her. It was really fun to perform as an honorary cast member for the night, nothing will ever beat it. Also Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy is in fact the best song in the performance. We ended our night with fireworks and went home the next morning!


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Mar 30, 2020
DUDE, that Rapunzel eclair was one of the best pastries I've ever had at WDW. Then again, anything dulce de leche is my crack.

Awesome report and photos! That's really cool that you got to be a part of the Processional.
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