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Nov 1, 2012
Since this is Canada's Wonderland's first Winterfest, I thought I would share their version of this holiday event (Similarities and differences). Most of what I have seen was on Youtube and a little on facebook.

  • Their Intl Street stage is at the front of Snow Flake Lake (Fountains).
  • They do not use projection lighting on the I-street buildings. Just the white outline lighting (not sure if it is there and not on; or, the park choose not to use them for this year).
  • it appears most of the park lighting used is white (there is multi-colored lights, just not as much as KD/KI).
  • Holly Jolley Trolley show does not use a real vehicle. It is a stage prop.
  • Tinker's Toy Factory show is the headliner production at CW.
    • The park uses their main indoor theater for the production.
    • Major set pieces are used.
    • The biggest surprise is the cast is a combination of about 6 cirque acrobats and about 12 singer/dancers. The production fuses cirque acts with the singing and dance numbers. Check out the video below and let me know if some of the cirque acts are famliar.
    • Canada's Wonderland version of Tinker's Toy Factory
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