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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
I had to attend a funeral in Toronto this past weekend, so I took advantage of the short amount of free time I had in Toronto to visit CW and do their haunt event.

The event has 5 mazes and a ton of scare zones. Two of the mazes ran back to back so once you exited one, you reentered the other.

Crypt - This one reminds me of a slightly upgraded Inferno. There weren't any dead walls or empty hallways, but there was a definite lack of staffing here.

Spirit Manor + Cornstalkers - Spirit Manor was awesome. Reminded me of No Vacancy. Similarly detailed set design and similar scares. Cornstalkers was really similar to KD's version without the elaborate set pieces out front. You just walked five mins through the woods to enter a corn maze. Scares were similar to KD's version, but set design isn't nearly as good.

The Ruins + Pandemonium - both of these mazes were located inside the mountain, which was a neat place to have a haunt. Unfortunately because of that, neither one has a facade and both require you to go up and down stairs to access. Ruins was fantastic. Same level of set design as some of the stronger KD haunts. Actors were great too. Had a solo run through both because it was the end of the night. Pandemonium was weak though. I barely remember much other than it being really short. Guess that's what they get for shoving it into the mountain.

Scare zones were similar to KD's. Huge set pieces and a lot of actors roaming around each. The farm one in the back of the park was basically a mini maze setup, which was great. Actors were all high energy, which made the scare zones even better.

All of the rides closed a little earlier than advertised, which was really unfortunate.

I stuck with just riding the signature rides; Behemoth, Leviathan, Vortex and Yukon for coasters. All pretty solid, but like KI, they don't stand out as much as something like Fury or 305.

Sledgehammer was great. It does box your head around due to the nature of the ride, but it's smooth and fun. Their top scan sucked.

Atmosphere-wise you could tell, this was the newest of the Taft parks. Theming is much more refined, the mountain is really impressive, and their International Street takes the best elements of both KI and KD and combines them into an amazing entrance plaza. Wide pathways, planters, beautiful architecture and the mountain on the end to top it all off. Only real downside is no observation deck so you can't really take advantage of it.

Overall, I'd love to visit the park with more time and in better circumstances. I still had a good time in the 4-5 hours I spent there.
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