Call for Help: Cleaning up Broken Images

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Who, me?
Sep 27, 2009
Spotsylvania, Virginia
Ever since we've switched from MyBB to XenForo, there has been various images in posts that have appeared broken. Like this one:


What it should look like:


Broken images in older threads not only look bad, but they make it almost impossible to follow a discussion from the very beginning. This is bad when referencing a discussion, when new members want to know what is going on, and when people on the wider web are looking for information.

The image in question was an attachment from another post that was directly embedded in another. When we switched, the image in question was no longer available at the previous url. This is fixable, but due to the different ways that MyBB and XenForo generate image links, there isn't any sort of automatic solution to this problem. Therefore, I'm going to need everyone's help. I'm willing to go through and manually fix these posts but I need you, our members, to let me know when you come across them.

Links to post can be found under the share icon on each post, like so:


Feel free to reply to this post with a link to the post in question, or with a Private Message. I appreciate any, and all help that can be provided. If you come across any other issues, don't be afraid to report it either.
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