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Jul 22, 2010

The OP
According to the person who posted this video, this was the bus form DHS heading to Epcot. A couple and their baby were told that there was no room on the bus and they would have to wait for the next one. Also, she went on to say that the worst of the fight was over by the time that she got her camera out but she had seen the mother throw her baby at the driver.

Statement from a WDW Transportation CM
I work for bus operations and the entire incident was caught on the security cameras.Every load zone has a high def camera that sees the bus and load zone. We can actually zoom in with the cameras and read the drivers name and his hometown on his name tag on their uniform. Also in the video one of the gentleman on the bus,{I wont identify him} was one of our plain clothes security officers and was in the load zone at the time and witnessed the attack. Security was called along with the OCSO,and yes it took them a few minutes to get to him. This was because the bus was in load zone C7 which is in the charter bus lot and away from the regular Resort load zones near the entrance to Hollywood Studios. If you watch the video closely you will see flashing red and blue lights illuminating the side off the bus.When the wife saw them pull up the wife took off,and tried to hide in the crowd,and left her child with the husband. Other guests identified her to security. They were then removed from the bus and load zone and taken backstage. The gentleman was then arrested and handcuffed for assault on the driver. He is also facing charges for Terrorist threat due to the assault happening on the bus, and public endangerment. They were also ejected from the resort they were staying at,and trespassed from Walt Disney World property.They will not be returning to the Happiest Place on Earth ever again. Also everyone will be happy to hear the driver was not reprimanded for the incident,and continued with his job that evening. I actually saw and talked to him last night and he is doing fine.
Also forgot to add copy of the security tape was provided to the OCSO,they are in turn forwarding it to the state attorney for possible further charges of Felony child neglect and endangerment.
Yes, and her husband tried to strangle him. I'm telling you, there's something in the water down there in Orlando. :rolleyes:
spookybri said:

In essence yes. I have to give it to Disney's Security team. As a major Disney "fanboi" and DVC owner alongside my dad; I have seen numerous irate guest because they do not want to wait, pay, etc.

Swiftman said:
Yes, and her husband tried to strangle him. I'm telling you, there's something in the water down there in Orlando. :rolleyes:

Something isn't it.... Nothing that hasn't happened to me as a scare actor :rolleyes:
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