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Aug 18, 2010
This thread sorta got started on the WHAT IF thread.
But I wanted to know...

Where you would be in BGW
How Would you Survive
Whats your Escape Plan(if you have one)

Also i didnt know if i should put this in this catagory or in the general disscussion catagory.
1. I would probably be inside Escape from Pompeii when the zombie attack happened.
2. I'd jump out of the boat and go into hiding until the zombies left, if they find me I'd blind them with the pictures on my cell phone and then throw the paralyzed zombies into the flames.
3. Then I would swim through the main ride route and slide down the slope while I pray I won't die.

After the zombie attack I'd complain to guest relations and end up leaving the park with lifetime passes, pockets full of cash, and a pinky promise that Forest of Fun and EitA would be removed forever;)
Regardless of where I am during the initial attack, I have to assume that I at least survive that initial wave. I think there are a few important things to take in to consideration.

-Safest place in the park to wait for help
-Best escape route if it is determined help is not coming

A safe place in the park would mean something that is not easily accessible by the hoard. It should also be easily fortified. There should also be alternate exits. Let's say for the sake of argument that we need to choose a building that the GP can easily get into. I would say no to the Festhaus and Abbeystone due to the outstanding number of entrances to the building.

My choice would have to be Grogan's. Slide some tables and such in front of the doors to barricade them. There's a kitchen around for food. There's also some bar stools that can be dismantled to provide sufficient clubs to deliver the undead back to the earth. I'd try to park it here for as long as I can. If I need to make a run for the exit, I'd try to duck out behind castle o'sullivan. If we're limited to an inpark route, I'd be tempted to just hightail it through scotland and out of the park. But I'm a little skeptical about that route around the highland stables. If you get caught out in the open there, you're undead meat. I think it is reasonable to go the long way around in this case. Once you make it past Lorikeet Glen, I believe there is a first aid station that you can pick up some medical supplies from. You would probably be able to pick up a few weapons from New France and in Octoberfest. There are also plenty of buildings to hide in on the way around the park. Once you make it past the italy/san marco area, I would opt to go to the left and through the Pompeii exhibit. Once exiting to Pompeii, I would take the right fork towards the forest of fun. But don't go in to the forest of fun, that's nothing but a trap. Instead take the path past the skyride to put you beside the globe theater. Now I'm just minutes from the exit. I'd still stick to the buildings though. Once out of the park, I think the safest exit would be through the england parking lot, since there are two easily accessible exits from that lot.

This is very important though, make sure you never make too much noise. This will draw the attention of the zombies and you will soon be overrun. That's why it is important to use blunt instruments to put down the undead as a first course of action.
Excellent point. I thought I new of a place that had weapons there. That is a good place to stock up on weapons and smokes.
Plus its near the exit so a great place to stock up on supplies on your way out. The train would be a good weapon/distraction or just a way to get from one side of the park to the other to gather supplies.
Great answers everybody but,

What i would do is get a couple weapons from the scotland train station and try to keep low key, also remember that zombies are attracted to high levels of attention. Next i would try to get to the back of the park and out of the generally accesible part of the park. Also i would try to get the train moving at a fast rate of spped and right befor it started to go get off and let it travel its own course taking out zombies stupid enough to be in the way of the train. Also I wanter to add more to the scenario so...

Your stuck in the park for the next week, no way out, cant go in the parking lots have been overfilled kinda like in dead rising. You have a radio and there will be help coming friday night at 11 o clock pm. It is now only sunday 5 pm. Start...
Hmmmmmmmm, that would be an interesting situation.:s

My main hideout would be the Festhaus. All entrances could be heavily barricaded with the tables. I could then hide up in the center chandelier with a large stock of Festhaus food and my radio. To keep the zombies away from my hiding place all of the hanging cloth would be slashed and the center stage will have to be messily and amateurishly dismantled. When the time comes to be rescued I'd use the radio to call for help. If zombies get too close to me I'd use an emergency load of knives and the turkey slicer for defense. It may be a long shot plan, but the results could mean my life being saved.
Okay my plans simular to BGWFans Fan but befor i head to the fest haus i would get some of the guns in the scotland store and a couple zippos and lighter fluid, then id head to the LNM maintence area and pick up some tools and maybe some flamable lubricant like WD40. Then on my way to the festhaus i would try to get as many matches as i could find. Then while in ireland got to the bar and get the glass bottles. Next id head to the festhaus and barricade all the doors and gather a bunch of food and knifes and there bound to be a first aid box in the festhaus. Then id take some of the banner streamer things and trigger the stage to rise while im inside it. I would then dismantel the guns and use the barrels as crude cannons for gunpowder i would crush up all the matches and mix it a little with the lighter fluid from the zippos. i would then tape the WD40 bottles to the open position and light the fire stream and throw it at the audience of zombies bound to be in there once they break down the barriers. I would use the glass bottles fill them with lighter fluid and use the streamer as a fuse there yu go i got molatav cocktails. then id forge a bed out of the remaining streamers, you gotta take in the account of exhaustion. by the time ive ran out of gun powder the help will already be here. to get to it i would set the entire inside ablaze and run for the exit and try to grab an abondoned golf cart.
I would go hide in the security building because security=some sort of weapon, but on my way there i would grab food from the different places, make a quick stop at the scotland giftshop the one with the big swords, that way I could go all ninja on those zombies, and then i would hold up in the building with my radio and hope that i survive.
Id stock up on food and hit EiTA. Draw the bridges away and get some weapons just incase....
Youhow2 said:
Id stock up on food and hit EiTA. Draw the bridges away and get some weapons just incase....

You can't outwait a zombie siege. They won't get bored and leave, more will just come.

Hunkering down would only be possible in a self-sustainable situation (grow your own food, source of water, etc.).
Lessons to know:
"If you get cornered, Bash em' on the head. That seems to work."

or you could daze out, pretend to be one of them ~ "Just look at the face: it's vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who's lost a bet."

Still, survival is only based on what kind of zombies you have. Are they the Shaun of the Dead kind? Resident Evil kind? What? Ground rules of Zombies must be established before setting out on the ultimate quest. Which is:

For the sole purpose of this thread (and the fact that I actually enjoyed the ride), I wish Wilde Maus was still at the park so that I could pull a Tallahassee.
That movie was great! In that case; with Zombies from Zombieland... and I had to make it from Germany to England (although I would just hop out any employee entrance as it would be more efficient- but for the sake of story...) I would head through France as there is more cover and better building structures to hide out in (not like the long bridge of death) going to Italy. Hello- sitting ducks and I prefer not to make the leap of faith into 8ft water below.

I would find a secure- sure fire weapon. Like the mallet from the "Strength Game" in Germany and perhaps heat the pokers up in the fire in New France; and whack and run. It is all about Cardio remember. I already did the 8K dash in the park-so I am ready! It would also be a good idea to head for the Security offices behind the New France Area in the brown building and grab radios and first aid supplies (even a cart or vehicle).

You could also grab an old LaMans car, where if you take off the restraint, you could clock 25-30MPH and just get the heck outta dodge. All of this is near Germany... yes, and if all fails- like the Winchester plan. Bolt the doors to the Festhaus and wait for it all to blow over while drinking warm beer and eating schnitzel.
Nora said:
You could also grab an old LaMans car, where if you take off the restraint, you could clock 25-30MPH and just get the heck outta dodge.

Youd be driving in style too... Okay great ideas everyone if only we could make this into a video game, but something open like fallout 3...

Update to the scenario... youve just survived the week and the rescuers have taken out over 95% of the zombies in the park and surronding area but in doing so they have all lost there lives. You find out the world is in ruins and there is no reason to go out of the park. Your objective is to secure the entire park (including Behind-the-scenes) and survive for the rest of your lives or for an extened period (about 20 years). Once the 20 Years are up they have found a cure and everything is back to normal and you own the park, Bottom line is How would you survive the 20 years and then how would you restore the park to its operating status if you want to.
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