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I probably should be working...
Oct 2, 2018
Nope, gonna be sponsored... Stihl Dragon

Mar 27, 2021
I would expect to see JCC filings sometime between now and the end of the year. While those will not be full plans I except then to give a clear enough picture that things like RMC can either be eliminated or marked as probably. king Mill's close proximity actually works in our favor as it means they have to publically disclose things that might effect their skyline and property values.

The FAA permit filing list site work to start by February 1 2023 and be completed by April 18th 2024. That would leave it standing but not operating for a full year for a 2025 opening that seems highly unlikely.
🤣I can't think of once in recent memory they've left something SBNO for a full year. Wait...oh...
Dec 7, 2021
Any updates on site plans or anything? I’d imagine that if this is a 2024 addition that lane clearing would start sometime soon (February/March)?
Aug 9, 2016
Virginia Beach
Don’t forget about this too:

There are current restrictions and more coming regarding tree clearing and any kind of forestry removal due to the regulations around the northern long eared bat. It was threatened, but now has been classified as endangered. Where I work, we are prohibited from clearing from April through November and have had to adjust construction schedules to accommodate

Aug 1, 2010
Seven Pines, Virginia
We are waiting for U.S. Fish and Wildlife to issue a guidance document on the Bat, as is DEQ and the local review agencies. We have instructed our clients to start logging properties that they want to develop next year. Forestry companies are getting extremely busy logging and cutting to get trees on the ground before January 30. That's the day the bat gets officially classified as endangered. If there are no trees, then there is no habitat and therefore no bat. The State currently has restrictions for clearing within wetlands from April through October, however a simple acoustic/endangered species study can be performed. We received some pretty good intel that this will be the process after January 30. There is a benefit to BG's location. Most of the bats are concentrated in the mountains where there are caves. Not many caves around BG.
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