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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
While digging around on the internet on found these photos.


Does anyone have any information on these?
I've seen those up on Ebay a few times. I think it's like a fold-out postcard pack. Never picked one up, though. Hindsight..
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Before the park opened, the Anheuser-Busch Hospitality House had models of the park hamlets on display. I don't know if these are the same models, but here you can see yet another example of how the Aquitaine section of the park got the short end of the stick. At one point, supposedly the park planned on having an entire castle wall built around the theatre.
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That location is where Michelangelo was located. Michelangelo was relocated to the circular brick area entering Aquitaine from the train tracks. Then, another move against La Belle Maison into it's current location.


I don't remember if a fountain was there before. Luke's photo from 1975 looks like the statue (and the original Morris Column to the upper right) instead of a fountain.

A friend and former park employee tells of sunbathing on top of the Globe Theatre. The model photo seems to support this possibility. I think he also mentioned there were a couple of apartments above shops in the park. Anyone hear similar stories?
Those sound more like urban legends. Quite honestly, any available space the park has is used for storage.

Now as far as if they originally intended something of that nature is another thing.
I agree it sounds somewhat like an urban legend but this was from an entertainment employee in the 80s. And sorry, that should have read former instead of fellow.
Like I said, they may have originally intended some type of resort/apartment thing, but I highly doubt it. Maybe someone else knows more?
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