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Sep 23, 2009
I was digging through some old stuff and found something amazing. This is Busch Gardens Williamsburg's description of itself roughly 12 years ago.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:

Your Passport to Adventure


Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s German countryside is represented by two colorful and authentically recreated hamlets, Rhinefeld and Oktoberfest. Both sections offer traditional German entertainment, dining and shopping. These hamlets also feature thrilling rides and attractions for the entire family.

Rhinefeld offers authentic German ambiance with quaint cobblestone streets that give way to charming storefronts. At the German Gifts shop, the captivating M.I. Hummel figurines are on display. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is the only place outside of Germany authorized by Goebel Factory, the world-renowned creator of the Hummel figurines, to kiln fire Hummels hand painted by visiting master artisans.

More traditional German gifts can be found at Festhaus Mugs, which offers an assortment of imported German steins and cuckoo clocks. And a nearby visit to Das Gingerbread Haus complements any shopping excursion with tempting sweets.

In Rhinefeld, guests can enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Rhine River, visit an enchanting children’s area, The Land of the Dragons, and ride on one of the tallest, most twisted inverted roller coasters in the world, Alpengeist. But that’s not all. Sensational entertainment is just around the bend.

Guests looking for a little finger-snapping fun can groove to the rhythm of the Boogie Band in the heart of scenic Rhinefeld. And younger audiences will enjoy meeting the cast of "Captain Kangaroo’s Roo Crew Live." Familiar faces from the ever-popular children’s show will delight guests daily in the Dragon Tale Theatre, located in The Land of the Dragons children’s area.

The adventure continues in Oktoberfest where The Big Bad Wolf sends passengers racing through a deserted Bavarian village. Opening as the one of the world’s best suspended steel roller coasters, The Big Bad Wolf is still a favorite among thrill seekers. More thrills await aboard Wilde Maus, a single-car coaster that sends four guests on a colorful maze of revolving dips and white-knuckle hairpin turns.

Guests looking for more traditional German entertainment will enjoy the 2,000-seat Das Festhaus, which showcases an oompah-style band and authentic German dances along with the country’s finest cuisine. "Polka Mania" sweeps through Das Festhaus nightly during the summer months and invites audiences to participate in the spirit and song of Oktoberfest.

Whether a hearty appetite for thrills, shopping or feasting, Germany offers high-quality, world-renowned food, gifts and entertainment for the entire family.


Guests indulge in the beauty and splendor of Old World Italy in the hamlets of San Marco and Festa Italia. A modern-day Italian opera in San Marco’s Italian Pavilion is the perfect complement to the area’s delicious cuisine. Guests can listen to dazzling musical productions such as "Holiday in Roma" while feasting on fresh pasta, cannelloni ala stella, eggplant parmesan or other authentic Italian dishes from the Ristorante della Piazza. Or, they can sit back and enjoy fine European wines, espresso, cappuccino and biscotti at Vino é Caffe. It’s Amoré after dark as the Italian Pavilion transforms into a world of romance and excitement. Guests can dance cheek-to-cheek under the moonlight or kick up their heels to the best of swing as the fabulous "Starlight Orchestra" takes guests back to yesteryear with all the favorite tunes of the big band era.

Beautifully crafted Italian art is abundant in San Marco as master artisans demonstrate Capodimonte porcelain floral sculpting and painting daily in the Bella Casa gift shop. Fine Italian imports, collectibles, Venetian carnival masks and traditional ceramics also are available in this charming shop.

Nearby thrills include Da Vinci’s Garden of Inventions, offering a variety of rides for guests of all ages. Guests also can experience the "rumbles" and "heat" of Escape From Pompeii, a fiery water expedition through the doomed city.

Even more adventure awaits in Festa Italia, a re-creation of a classic Italian street festival. Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens’ newest attraction, is a hypercoaster featuring a total of 825 feet of vertical drops. Riders plunge to the earth at more than 70 mph and then shoot more than 140 feet straight to the stars.

And speaking of "taking a plunge," Festa Italia is a great place to be on a hot summer day. One of the park’s wettest and most popular rides, Roman Rapids, a white-water raft expedition, boards here carrying riders through waterways, mist and fog to a splash of a finish.

The Roman Freeze ice cream shop is a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day, while La Cucina offers delicious Italian feasts sure to please.


The charm and flair of France is captured in the hamlets of Aquitaine and New France. Shopping and dining in Aquitaine with its sidewalk artisans evokes the ambiance of Europe’s most storied region. Guests can relax with a steaming cup of espresso or cappuccino and homemade European desserts at Le Grande Gourmet or enjoy carved-to-order smoked turkey breast and delicious chicken entrees at Le Coq d’Or. Parents can sit back and relax as the children chauffeur them around the park’s scenic landscape on Le Mans Raceway. And an evening of spectacular entertainment can be found at the Royal Palace Theatre during the summer months.

In the rustic trader’s village of New France, guests will find the finest in leather gifts, glass sculpting and delicious barbecue. Traditional Native American gifts are beautifully displayed in the St. Lawrence Shipping Agency Trading Post and guests can create their own works of art by painting hand-crafted pieces at Caribou Pottery. Visitors to New France can sink their teeth into savory, hickory-smoked barbecue pork ribs or smoked beef brisket at the Three Rivers Smokehouse. More highlights of this French Canadian logging village include an antique photo studio and Le Scoot flume ride, featuring a 50-foot vertical plunge to a millpond. Headlining at the rustic Canadian Palladium theater in 2000 is "American Jukebox," a combination of favorite dances and musical hits from the ‘50s, outrageous tunes from the ’70s, and contemporary country and pop chart-toppers of the ’90s.


Guests will receive the royal treatment in jolly old England. Quaint gift shops and a delightful bakery brimming with tasty treats tempt passersby in the village of Banbury Cross. There, shoppers can indulge in imported English soaps, scents and porcelain gifts at Her Majesty’s Fancy and research their family’s coat of arms at the Heraldry.

Delectable snacks are just a sweet scent away in Banbury Cross. The Muffin Man offers freshly baked muffins and pastries, while M. Sweets & Son serves up caramel and candied apples, homemade chocolates and fudge. Those looking for a variety of lighter fare will find mouth-watering sandwiches, refreshing salads and more at Squires Galley.

High-tech comedy sets sail in Banbury Cross with "Pirates," a swashbuckling, 4-D adventure that puts guests in the middle of the action as they experience sprays of water and a treasure trove of surprises during their journey with the sea’s most hapless band of cut-throats. "Pirates" is anchored at the park’s Globe Theatre.

Docking in the medieval village of Hastings is the award-winning song and dance review "Rockin’ The Boat." A mixture of pop tunes, from the ‘50s to the present, fill the park’s Magic Lantern Theatre. Colorful puppets, dramatic lighting effects and an electrifying finale complete this fantasy voyage. Outside the theatre, magic and fantasy spill into Hasting’s medieval streets and ancient boutiques. Wizard Works is an enchanting shop featuring mystical feats of wonder to amuse and amaze. Nearby, the Enchanted Laboratory invites audiences to witness magic and illusion beyond their wildest dreams. Home to young Northrup, apprentice to the royal alchemist, magician and soothsayer, Nostramos The Magnificent, the Enchanted Laboratory has a few surprises cooking for unsuspecting guests.

Rare and majestic birds of prey take center stage in "Falcons and Fables," which features free-flight demonstrations and hunting techniques of exotic birds and raptors.

Yet another amazing bird species is making its home at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2000. Known for its brilliant plumage, the lorikeet takes flight in the park’s new interactive aviary. Accented by beautiful landscaping, the habitat welcomes guests to a uniquely engaging environment. Inside the aviary, guests become human perches as lorikeets alight on arms, shoulders and even heads.

The animal adventures continue at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as the park introduces guests to the plight of the gray wolf. Guests can enter the den of this exciting species and experience these fascinating animals first hand. An up-close encounter provides an interactive look at this amazing species and illustrates the need to conserve it.

"Reptales," an interactive reptile presentation, dispels many of the myths surrounding these animals. An intimate setting provides the perfect backdrop for Busch Gardens naturalists to describe the importance of preserving these species.


The Loch Ness Monster has been sited in the Scottish hamlet of Heatherdowns. The first steel roller coaster introduced with interlocking loops, "Nessie" is a double-looping steel marvel.

In addition to one of the country’s top-rated roller coasters, Heatherdowns features a host of activities designed for the entire family.

This picturesque hamlet is home to the world-famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. Guests can catch a glimpse of these majestic animals as they frolic through the park’s lush pastures. And, families will enjoy watching pint-sized thrill seekers take a spin on one of the park’s most popular mini-rides, ‘Lil Clydes," while souvenir-seekers will enjoy spending time in Tweedside Gifts, a shop specializing in a wide variety of Scottish and Irish imports and Clydesdale souvenirs.

The park has gone from writing that to erasing all branding from its hamlets in just over a decade. So, so incredibly sad.
RE: How BGW Saw Itself in 2001

Adding this as well:

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:

Germany: Old-world charm comes alive in Germany, boasting four authentic eateries and eight charming gift shops. Guests can feast on traditional German cuisine at the 2,000-seat Das Festhaus and top off their meals with tempting sweets found in Das Gingerbread Haus. The captivating world of M.I. Hummel figurines is on display at the German Gift Shop, and Festhaus Mugs offers an assortment of imported German steins and miniature cuckoo clocks. Whether a hearty appetite for shopping or just feasting, Germany offers high-quality, world-renowned food and gifts for the entire family.

With advanced reservations, groups of 40 or more can enjoy catered meals in Oktoberfest’s Black Forest picnic village. For more information, contact Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s group sales office at (757) 253-3350.

England: Guests will receive the royal treatment in jolly old England. Quaint gift shops and a delightful bakery brimming with tasty treats tempt passersby. Indulge in imported English soaps, scents and porcelain gifts at Her Majesty’s Fancy and research your family’s coat of arms at the Heraldry. Magic and fantasy come to life in Wizard Works with mystical feats of wonder to amuse and amaze. Every sweet tooth can be satisfied at The Muffin Man with gigantic, freshly baked muffins and pastries or at M. Sweets & Son with caramel and candied apples and homemade chocolates and fudge. The Squires Galley offers a variety of lighter fare to tempt your taste buds. From delicious desserts to mouth-watering fajita sandwiches, Squires Galley has something to please everyone.

France: A combination of romance and charm fills the streets of France. Shopping and dining in Aquitaine with its sidewalk artisans evokes the ambiance of innocence and grace. Environmentally conscious sportswear, plush animals, headwear and jewelry are available at La Belle Maison. Relax with a steaming cup of espresso or cappuccino and homemade European desserts at Le Grande Gourmet or enjoy carved-to-order smoked turkey breast and crisp fried chicken with your choice of fine imported or domestic wines at Le Coq d’Or. In the trappers village of New France, see glass sculptors create one-of-kind gifts at The Bear’s Paw. Caribou Pottery gives aspiring artists a chance to add their own creative touch to hand-crafted pottery pieces. Traditional Native American gifts can be purchased in the St. Louis Shipping Agency Trading Post. Hungry hunters can sink their teeth into savory hickory-smoked barbecue pork ribs or smoked beef brisket at the Three Rivers Smokehouse.

Italy: Discover timeless elegance in Italy. Inhale the fresh aroma of homemade sauces and see awe-inspiring gifts created by Busch Gardens’ own master artisans. Guests can listen to dazzling musical productions while feasting on fresh pasta, cannelloni ala stella, eggplant parmesan or other authentic Italian cuisine from the Ristorante della Piazza. Sit back and enjoy fine Italian and other European wines, espresso, cappuccino and biscotti at Vino é Caffe. Master artisans demonstrate Capodimonte porcelain sculpting and painting daily in the Bella Casa gift shop. Fine Italian imports, collectibles and traditional ceramics also are available in this charming shop.
RE: How BGW Saw Itself in 2001

Here is the vision in 2007. From their Media Kit for 2007. Other good tidbits in here:

Media Kit 2007

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:

The European countries of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and Italy serve as the setting for Busch Gardens Europe’s 100+ acres of fun-filled world exploration. The Williamsburg adventure park is committed to authentic and accurate theming. To create old-world European flare throughout its six countries, Busch Gardens carefully depicts each detail from quaint cobblestone streets and building facades to designer landscapes and beautiful statuary.

The gateway to Busch Gardens Europe’s adventure begins in England. Guests receive the royal treatment where unique shops, a delightful bakery, and replicas of Big Ben and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre reside. Attention to detail throughout the picturesque hamlet is evidenced in period door handles, cast-iron mailboxes and flickering streetlamps enhancing the European feel of the park. Adding charm and authenticity, many plants are native to Western Europe.

Anchored at the Globe Theatre in 2007 is Pirates. Using the latest 4-D technology, this high-seas hunt for treasure offers guests an immersive adventure and relies on the comedic genius of Leslie Nielsen and Eric Idle to create a sidesplitting, swashbuckling good time.

With advanced reservations, groups of 40 or more can enjoy catered meals in Oktoberfest’s Black Forest picnic village. For more information, contact Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s group sales office at (757) 253-3350.

The fearsome Loch Ness Monster roller coaster resides in Busch Gardens Europe’s Scottish countryside. Celebrated as the world’s first steel roller coaster to debut with interlocking loops, the Loch Ness Monster remains a guest favorite. Far gentler giants can be found at Highland Stables, home to the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales. In addition, Scotland features a host of activities for the entire family.

Busch Gardens Europe has been named world’s “Most Beautiful Theme Park” for 17 consecutive years by the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA). This outstanding accomplishment is due partly to the lush terrain of Virginia’s native countryside, but also to the dedicated landscapers and grounds crew that beautify the parks 100 acres of gardens, walkways, and flowerbeds. More than 30,000 plants and flowers are grown in the park’s 17,000 square feet of “behind-the-scenes” greenhouses and cold frame growing space. In addition, Busch Gardens is committed to environmental preservation. Greenhouse staff release tens of thousands of beneficial bugs into the park each year as a natural form of pest management, while ground crews pull thousands of weeds by hand each season. In fact, landscape artists spend nearly six hours each day pruning, planting and weeding the adventure park.

Busch Gardens Europe captures the essence of Ireland, from warm-hearted people and lush landscapes to ancient castles and fine Waterford Crystal. Guests visiting Busch Gardens get a taste of true Irish spirit. This adaptation of an authentic Irish hamlet features a brightly-colored tavern, shops, stone castles, blooming flower boxes, and contemporary Celtic music. Building facades incorporate elements dating from Ireland’s Megalithic Stone Age (circa 2400 BC) through the mid-19th century. Corkscrew Hill’s architectural style dates back nearly 4,000 years while Castle O’Sullivan encompasses a building style reminiscent of Ireland’s feudal society (circa 1450). The Emerald Isle Shop charms guests with its lavish giftware as well as its 19th century rural Irish portico and authentic thatch roof.

One of two Anheuser-Busch BrewMasters Clubs may be found in Grogan’s Pub in Ireland. Offering travelers an educational connoisseur experience for beer aficionados and novices alike, the brewing process and beer subtleties are discussed during a sampling of beer flights. Reservations are required and may be made at Grogan’s Pub.

Adventure abounds in Ireland with Corkscrew Hill, a white-knuckle, 4-D adventure that propels visitors on a mythical Celtic journey. Strolling balladeers throughout the marketplace add to the unique theming of this area.

Busch Gardens Europe is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of wildlife through numerous educational programs. Discover how adventurous learning can be at Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve. This interactive wildlife area offers a fascinating and up-close look at some amazing species including gray wolves, lorikeets, rare raptors and exotic birds, as well as a sanctuary for American Bald Eagles.

The picturesque country of France transports guests to another time and place with its street cafes, French-provincial architecture and sidewalk artisans. From the style of its slate-roof buildings and colorful café umbrellas to village square statuary and bountiful window boxes, theming through this hamlet embraces French culture.

Old-world charm meets modern adventure with the addition of Busch Gardens’ newest roller coaster, Griffon. Named for a mythical creature known for its power and speed, Griffon is the world’s tallest and first floorless dive coaster. Living up to its name, Griffon sends thrill seekers on the ultimate adrenaline-pumping adventure as it twists, turns and plunges a record- breaking 205 feet.

Back on solid ground, a rustic French trader’s village showcases the finest leather, candle and wood craftsmanship, folk music, dancing, and barbecue. Le Scoot log flume provides cool relief on a hot summer’s day with its 50-foot vertical plunge. Or, guests can enjoy “Jukebox 2007,” headlining at the Canadian Palladium with a combination of favorite dances and musical hits from the 1950s through today. Trappers Smokehouse is a 650-seat restaurant featuring a mesquite-fired show grill, three rustic dining areas and an unprecedented theme park menu selection.

European charm highlights Germany. The town center Glockenspiel is a unique representation of a 17th century German original. Three stories high, the Glockenspiel enchants guests every 15 minutes with its marching knights,soldiers and dancing criers. The old-world hamlet highlights brown-timbered buildings with plastered walls and tiled roofs, all representatives of medieval Germanic styles.

Germany’s fine gift shops feature M.I. Hummel collectibles, hand-painted beer steins and carved wooden cuckoo clocks. From delectable dessert shops and a cruise down the Rhine River to an antique Herschell Carousel, Germany is home to many rides and attractions. Alpengeist, an awarding-winning inverted steel roller coaster, and Land of the Dragons, a magical play area designed for children, are just a few of the adventures awaiting passersby in this bustling village.

The Bavarian-influenced hamlet heralds an authentic Festhaus, traditional German fare, and all the makings of a festival complete with rides and games. One of Busch Gardens’ most thrilling attractions, Curse of DarKastle, makes its home here, sending passengers aboard gravity-defying sleighs careening through the dark and mysterious corridors of a Bavarian castle. The Big Bad Wolf, a suspended roller coaster, also resides in this charming country.

A second Anheuser-Busch BrewMasters Club is located in Das Festhaus and offers thirsty travelers an educational connoisseur experience. The brewing process and beer subtleties are discussed during a sampling of beer flights. Reservations are required and may be made at Das Festhaus.

No European adventure would be complete without a trip to Italy. Busch Gardens’ quaint Italian village fuses world-class rides with romantic song and dance, master craftsmanship and authentic cuisine. Beautiful street-side statuary, fountains and lush gardens enhance the Italian ambiance of this marketplace.

Brave visitors may tour the ruins of Mt. Vesuvius on Escape from Pompeii, a thrilling water ride with special effects. DaVinci’s Garden of Inventions features rides for adults and children alike while entertaining performers fill the air with the wonderful music of Italy. Summer nights, however, belong to the “Starlight Orchestra.” The sounds of Big Band music take center stage under the evening stars at Il Teatro di San Marco to salute the sounds of swing.

Across a bridge, vibrant colors and light-hearted attitudes encourage guests to share in the carefree fun of Italy. The towering landmark is Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens Europe’s high-speed hypercoaster. Themed activities abound in this exuberant village.

I especially like England's verbiage. Charm and authenticity, indeed.
RE: How BGW Saw Itself in 2001

Now-a-days for England it should say:
"The quaint shops and buildings and cobble stone streets that were here last year are now over-run with 60s London decor all over! Walk into the portal of adventure, and be transported to another dimension with beatles, Rolling Stones, and the Who over the loud-speaker. Visist many shops selling rock items and collectables. New for 2014: "London Rocks!", a show about floating pillow! :)dodgy:), then walk back through the portal to be transported back to boring old Scotland and the rest of the park. 2014's "London" brought to us by Gasparish brand Hot dogs and candy." :dodgy:
Two for one.
Pass member EuroNews for Spring and Summer of 2007.

Announcements for Griffon and fingerprint scanners.


  • Spring2007_1.jpg
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This was over in maps. This seems the more appropriate location.

BGW Family said:
Double post. Y'all need to put more stuff up!

This is a Pamphlet from 1987 with a cover shot of Nessie, only. "Journey Into Music" is playing at the Magic Lantern Theatre. An Olympic-style ice show is in the Globe Theatre. The blacksmith shop and Le Mans is still there. Photos of Threadneedle Faire, the Enchanted Laboratory and Pelinore and a Brittany Bridge into Hastings angle, with few trees.

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Since LOD got some chat in another thread, here is a pamphlet from 1994 with a cover shot of Drachen Fire and the NEW Land of Dragons.

Here we see Enchanted Laboratory, Royal Preserve Petting Zoo, The Highland Stables (Hey! They only take shots from outside of Hasting, too!), LOD ball pit (is this gone?), Haunts of the Olde Country, Totally Television, Questor, Three Rivers Smokehouse, Singin' Out Country and King Arthur's Chamber.

What stands out to me is a NICELY painted clock and fountain with it's AB Landmark sign in Rhinefeld, a nice bran-spankin' new looking Banbury Cross, and the characters like Beatrice Bloom and Mother Goose.

But, most importantly, the first panel succinctly says it all.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
"Come see castles and knights, explore legends, be bold. Conquer dragons, cross countries, hear tales being told. Adventure is waiting, there's no time to waste. Come, See and Conquer. There's only one place...Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

Experience Europe like you've only dreamed it could be as precious memories unfold at this 17th century, exotic re-creation. Nestled amidst the lush Virgina countryside, nine authentic hamlets come to life bringing romantic adventure and old world charm."

It's exciting and entertaining - it's Busch Gardens - the nearby faraway place."

Now THAT sounds like a place I'd like to go visit! THIS is what current management just doesn't get.

An exotic 17th century re-creation with nine authentic hamlets just four hours away?
I'm in...wait, they "updated" what? Oh, never mind then. :(



  • BGW 1994 Pamphlet_Fr.jpg
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And here is the latest media kit.. wait- oh yeah that's right... no one here ever gets any media kits from the park. :rolleyes:

Anyway, here is a link I have going for media kits and what not~ there is quite a few so visiting the album is easiest:

If any of you guys have some things to add to the history- please send them in.
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As always, thanks for sharing, BGWFamily!

It's amazing to see how far we've fallen in just a few years. But it also makes me very happy to see how beautiful it was, not too long ago.
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A couple more from the archive.

The media kit for 2009 and the sad press release of the sell of Busch Entertainment Corporation to Blackstone.



  • BGWMediaKit2009.pdf
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Double post to add the 1995 park pamphlet for the "...the nearby faraway place" announcing the NEW Escape From Pompeii.

Listing shows - That's Amore, Hot Country Nights, Totally Television, Haunts of the Olde Country, World of Birds, and Carvalho's Exotic Bird Revue. We never saw the two bird shows, nor are familiar with them.

I like the TIO photo with a corner of the big organ shown and the photo of the now defunct Riffle Rapids.



  • BGW 1995 Pamphlet_Fr.jpg
    BGW 1995 Pamphlet_Fr.jpg
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