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Dec 5, 2017
In the spring imagine a special after hours event where they perform Shakespeare productions in the globe theater. In the streets have street vendors selling food and drinks in Elizabethan fashion, and a feature elength presentation of a Shakespeare show inside the globe. Weekend runs of the performances would allow for a variety of shows to be prefermed and pull from local and foreign talent as well.

William and Mary no longer does it, and it seems like a perfect locale for it.
That would be cool, but I'd prefer an original up-from-the-ground show. If they add a twist to it then I could possibly make an exception.
Good idea though!
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I am not a fan of abridging the bard. Call me a purist. No I meant 1 act musicals and/ or straight shows. Having said that scenes from specific Sheakspear could be entertaining and you could do 2 or 3 to fit the short time clock.
Have you seen Shakespeare abridged? Its a hilarious take on Shakespeare in a two act show where three actors perform all his shows (more or less) . They also sprinkle in some historical info on the bard. But I understand everyone has their preference
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Ah, I did not know this was a singular show. I have seen, (unfortunately) abridged versions of some of his plays... the version of Julius Ceaser... well lets just Cassius' death could not have come soon enough.

Now having de-conflicted that, I would have worries about getting enough people in the park to attend a full 2 act show. I have heard that the stats are fairly clear and 20-30 minutes is about all that people will accept. (I can not remember from whom or whence I learned that datum, so take it with a grain of salt)
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