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Oct 25, 2014
Virginia Beach
Hey! I was wondering, what were some of your favorite attractions, that are defunct and scrapped. Can be anything from shows, rides, and overall theming to the park. And if those attractions were to make a return, where would you want them to go, and what changes would you have made?
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Dec 23, 2011
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

Actually, my history teacher discussed how they changed the names of the villages because they wanted to simplify things for the public because the public doesn't know Aquitaine is in France or that Rhinefeld is in Germany. But I would reinstate emphasis on using those original names.
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Feb 12, 2011
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

After thinking about this thread's prompt, I've realized that there's no major attraction or any one item that I'd like to see return. It's a collection of little things, which, added together, have a big impact on the park experience.

So here's my list of easy/somewhat realistic changes:

- Bring back classical music on the entrance path (i.e. no Frank Sinatra)
- Return the original hamlet names
- Return instrumental music to Banbury Cross, New France, and Aquitaine
- Bring back the little German people cutouts in Oktoberfest
- Give Oktoberfest a more classical paint job, repainting the brightly colored green/orange buildings brown, tan, white, etc.
- Put the German people statues back in the Festhaus
- Give Killarney a darker color scheme instead of the pastel colors
- Remove the construction site-esque green tarp from the back of Wolf Valley

And now, some less feasible (but equally longed for) items:
- Put back the archaeological dig site props around Pompeii
- Bring This Is Oktoberfest and its appropriate stage back to Das Festhaus
- Put the wooden High Striker game in the place of the Oktoberfest soccer game
- Return the rustic props to the flower beds of New France
- Add back the clothes hung across the buildings of Aquitaine

It's funny, the things I would love to see return to the park are all more or less very small things. I don't expect to see many (or any) of these things return in the near future, but, in that "perfect" Busch Gardens that I sometimes visit in my dreams, these items are present.


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Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

The Knights
Catapult in the dark
All the animals
The park as park not dressed up for some event
Drakenfire with different cars
Mar 15, 2014
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

Catapult in it's original building
Updated Turvey Manor instead of Europe in the Air
The shooting gallery
Die Schwarze Spinne (The Spider) and Der Blitzschneller Trabant (they were fun flat rides)
Wild Maus and Glissade (small coasters that were fun to ride)
The trees back beside the final drop of Le Scoot instead of the Alpencrap twist
Threadneedle Faire
Banbury Cross back the way it was without 60's London crap
The Flying Machine lasting longer than 10 seconds when it gets up to full speed
and Nessie's trains going through the loops at the same time
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Jun 8, 2013
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

I'd like Secret of Castle O'Sullivan and American Jukebox shows to come back. Questor would be cool also.
Oct 7, 2011
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

I would gladly let go of the attractions and "little things" lost over the years, if in the bargain we got a return to the ownership structure and dedication to the park that seemed evident in the pre-InBev-buyout days.

...Because then, instead of pining for a small handful of lost items, I would be looking forward to all of the great new ones over the horizon.

Not to put too glossy a sheen on an imperfect past, but that's how I feel.
Apr 9, 2013
RE: Busch Gardens Golden Days/What you want to see return.

^ Agreed.

I'm not particularly nostalgic so I don't really mourn the loss over something being removed as long as in general, progress is being made. However, progress ain't been progressive (to quote a buddy of mine in New Jersey), which is why I haven't been to the park in over a year now. And I'm seriously debating whether this year is worth my time, as well. But yeah, in general, few things bum me out more than MGMT making piss poor decisions and expecting us to come back on our hands and knees asking for more.
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