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Aug 18, 2010
I love claw machines!!! Especially the ones at BGW because they have the best prizes! I wanted to make a thread to discuss tips and strategies on how to win them!

Here are a couple tips:

When using a claw machine with three talons or fingers try to center the claw overtop the stuffed animal or prize!

Use a buddy so they can tell you if you are centered on the Y-axis and not just the X-axis.

Im hoping you too will post some tips and if one of our members could post some pictures of them it would help alot, Also try to get pics of the ipos touch ones!
My son would love you. He's autistic and tends to fixate on mechanical things. He's absolutely addicted to claw machines. We even bought him a miniature one for his bedroom for Christmas.

Don't have many tips to offer, other than if you are doing one for a stuff animal, look for the one's with the smaller animals. They are only 1 token vs 2, so you get twice as many attempts for the same money.
Balak95 said:
Im hoping you too will post some tips and if one of our members could post some pictures of them it would help alot, Also try to get pics of the ipos touch ones!

The touches are 32gig. I got one from there a while back. It was in the machine where you have to stop the light. Im not sure if they still have the machines with the rotating table where you have to make the arm come out. When I was 10-12 I used to own those and got sooooo many Zippo's.
There is one at the park ( in Germany if I remember correctly) that has PS3 and iPads as prices. The only thing is they look nearly impossible to win as most of them have at least one corner or side touching the side of the machine.
I was addicted to claw machines as a child- and won over 300 or so. My mom actually nailed them around my entire room in two rows. Sadly, I tried to win a "Mr. Crabs" in the machines last week, but to no avail! Mr. Crabs, oh Mr. Crabs - you took my shiny dimes!
Thanks...but he probably wouldn't sell to a I'm broke haha =) guess my imaginary one will do haha
ArrowWolf1984 said:
I find it kinda funny that a park would have a prize machine with Zippo's in them for kids to win!

I have one for every branch of the military here, that was the big style they had. Then a couple plain ones. Most of them are packed up still in the box. A zippo is harmless unless you fill it with the fuel.
Just the idea of a zippo Claw machine is funny though plus it could get people to stop smoking just put the lighter and smokes in the machine.
I don't know if they still have them, but Busch Gardens used to have claw machines with watches in them. Not exactly high quality, but were pretty good for a quarter. I was good at getting them. The secret was to pick them up by the face. They always fell off if you grabbed them by the wrist band.
So...this thread has been dead for a while and I just wanted to try and revive it, I've added a picture of my claw to this thread, I've been working on it for a while but once I'm done with the electrical, im gonna move on to the case, I would really appreciate it if somebody could post there ideas of a paint theme that incorporates bgw, also if I could get some bgwfans stickers made I'll apply them to my claw, so if you have any idea any at all say it so it can inspire each other, also I don't know what I want to fill it with so if somebody could give suggestions there thatd be cool too, i really think it would be cool to have zippos in there,thanks
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