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May 29, 2013
Now that I'm at a keyboard I can make a better post.

Observed the situation on the way out of the park at closing.  The water was coming up through cracks and seams in the pavement starting up near the new Coke stand, down to about the photo booth pickup.  There were employees pushing water out of the Emporium, so it might have been coming up through the floor in there as well.  The water was running down the main pathway to a drain at the base of the fountain, where it was about half an inch deep when it went into the drain.  There was fine silt coming up with the water, so it's a good bet that the flow was eroding the ground away under the pathway.

I would expect that the whole area of the main pathway in England will need to be dug up to fix the broken pipe and repair underlying erosion.  I just hope that the Emporium won't need extensive repair work as well.  Because of the location of the problem, right at the choke point into England, pedestrian flow is going to be a mess.  They might possibly rope off an aisleway to keep people right up against the face of the theater.  But that would take people right by an active construction site.  It wouldn't surprise me if they just closed the park altogether, to allow repairs to be made in time for a Friday opening.

I considered getting some pictures, but the employees in the area seemed pretty stressed, and I didn't want to ratchet up the tension level any higher.


Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Oh wow, that's terrible. I'm sure they'll get it fixed up quickly enough though. It's a shame it happened in that particular area of all the areas in the park.

What kind of flooring does the Emporium have? I can't remember off the top of my head but I assume it's some sort of tiling? If so that will probably have to be redone. We had a burst pipe in a preschool where I used to work that flooded half the school and the tiles began to buckle even after the water was cleared.
Sep 29, 2009
I hope they are able to get everything fixed without having erosion problems. I know there are at least other two places where they can (and have) let guests in. Did the area near the Globe Theatre get bad flooding? Whatever they do, Scrooge No More better not close unless Entertainment takes the initiative to fix the small set problems.
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Pusheen Gardens
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
Super Mario/Pusheen to the rescue
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Nov 21, 2013
They had one across the pathway about 20 years ago. had to fill the hole with plants and flowers before concrete repairs were made. Infrastructure is over 40 years old.
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Life is short, so eat dessert first.
Jun 8, 2013
Repair job of the sidewalk where the pipe burst during CT. They did a great job with the repairs as you'd never have know there was a lot of it tore up and patched.


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