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Jun 11, 2011
I received an emails that pass members can get a one day free ticket usable between March 16th and April 27th to bring a friend to the park. You can get one pass for each 1, 2 or platinum pass you have. In my case I can get 4 of them. It states you need to accompany your guest to the park. Does anyone know if just my daughter and I went this weekend, would we be limited to two guests or could I bring 4 in with me?

I suggest checking out the Discounts & Deals thread. If you look under 'Tips & Helpful Notes', you should be able to see your answer.

I'm sorry if that sounds a bit mean forcing you to go there specifically, but I feel it is some what of an underused source.
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Is this deal going to end up like the cluster it was for Hallowscream?

We brought friends when they did this deal last fall. This was before I had a platinum pass and ended up parked out in Bavaria. The park was MOBBED and it was not any fun.
Howl-o-Scream is just a very busy time, adding Bring-A-Friend free just worsened it slightly. Being that it is just spring, I don't expect it to get as busy.
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