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Feb 7, 2012
Richmond, VA
New for 2015 - Bourbon Street Fireball

Six Flags America today announced the addition of its 10th roller coaster, Bourbon Street Fireball, which will stand a stunning seven stories tall and reside in the new Mardi Gras section of the park.

“The addition of our tenth roller coaster, Bourbon St. Fireball, takes the nail-biting anxiety of coaster riding to a totally new level,” said Rick Howarth, park president. “This new coaster is the perfect complement to the new Mardi Gras section that opened earlier this year to rave reviews and promises to offer thrilling experiences for our guests each season.”

Bourbon Street Fireball adds a unique ride experience to Six Flags America:

Loop coaster seating 24 passengers
Seated in forward and backward, face-to-face position
Pendulum style takeoff with multiple 360⁰ revolutions
Train reverses course mid-ride for addition 360⁰ revolution
Seven-stories tall
Approximately two minute ride time
Bourbon Street Fireball is one of three new roller coasters to be added to the park in four years. In 2014 Six Flags America added its ninth roller coaster, Ragin Cajun. Apocalypse, Maryland’s only standing roller coaster, was the parks eighth roller coaster and it opened in 2012.

For more information about Bourbon Street Fireball including video, images, fact sheets and logos please visit

For more information about upcoming 2015 Six Flags rides and attractions, including a video highlighting the new rides, visit

Six Flags is also announcing the start of 2015 Season Pass sales with a limited time offer through Labor Day featuring the lowest prices of the year. From August 28 through September 1, guests will receive a free upgrade to a Gold Season Pass with each Pass purchased. Gold Season Passes include admission to Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor, and any other Six Flags theme park, as well as free parking and special admission offers for friends. 2015 Season Passes provide unlimited visits for the rest of 2014 (including park admission to Fright Fest®) and all of 2015.
Location: On the grassy hill in front of Wild One, beside Voodoo Drop
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RE: New for 2015 - Bourbon Street Fireball

The definition of a roller coaster from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
Main Entry: roll·er coast·er
Pronunciation: \ˈrō-lər-ˌkō-stər, ˈrō-lē-ˌkō-\
Function: noun
Date: 1884
1 :  an elevated railway (as in an amusement park) constructed with sharp curves and steep inclines on which cars roll 2 :  something resembling a roller coaster ; especially :  behavior, events, or experiences characterized by sudden and extreme changes <an emotional roller coaster>
I don't think this ride rolls. It's an electrical ride that's powered by motors and fairs call this Flat rides but for some reason Six flags thought this was a roller coaster. It's not! At least they didn't get a fair model. But a new ride is a new ride and I'll take that over nothing. Here's a video of the Brain Drain from Elitch Gardens in action:
I hope it's more comfortable than Berzerker, which is maybe the only ride I've actually regretted getting on.

in b4 the ride gets stuck upside down
Does the restraint add an exciting "ride element" by gratuitously squashing you at the beginning and end of the ride? That is totally the most memorable part of Berserker.
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Berserker is bearable if you know how to ride it. I've only ridden one of these at a fair & I hate fair rides, so I don't remember it being a fun experience.
Rode one of these twice in a row at a state fair when I was like 12. Only time I have ever gotten sick after riding a coaster.
Rode one of these twice in a row at a state fair when I was like 12. Only time I have ever gotten sick after riding a coaster.
Tried this for the first time and it basically ruined the rest of the day for me. I did a couple other coasters after, but just couldn’t recover from how much this ride messes up your stomach.

If it was half as long it would be fine and quite enjoyable, but going on and on just runs this ride into a debilitating area.
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