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Sep 23, 2009
So I was pretty disappointed with Madagascar Live but nothing could have prepared me for this. Born to Rock is Busch Gardens Tampa's second new show for 2013. It's located in Busch Gardens Tampa's equivalent to BGW's Das Festhaus.
That actually makes Kings Dominion shows look enticing. I'm horrified that something like that could have ever been greenlit by corporate. Maybe Scott should just be "reassigned" to Busch Gardens Tampa because this makes Entwined look like Celtic Fyre.
RE: Born to Rock

Ok, maybe Entwined isn't so bad...

This show seems very confused and thrown together.
RE: Born to Rock

In the words of Charlie Brown..AAUGH! I guess since Jack no longer exists SEA had to fit their pop songs in at another park.
RE: Born to Rock

What are you talking about? That *totally* screams "Dark Continent!"

/sarcasm/ :dodgy:

Scott, while we are not huge fans of some of your work in the park, pullleeeeeeze do not get any ideas from whoever thought this was good for a Busch Gardens show. Seriously, as much as we dislike Entwined, it at least fits in well enough. Similar to what Zachary said, the shows at KD are a better fit. To think last year we were arguing about sundials...
RE: Born to Rock

I'm happy to report they've made some changes to this show, and it's a lot better than it was when it first started running.

It flows a lot better, they've dumped the High School Musical-ish feel to it, and the "nerdy" guy role is greatly reduced in the current version.

I *think* they've also made some song changes, but I don't recall the entire original line up.

Instead of the rope walker, they had a male/female balancing act. Hard to explain, and I was too lazy to get pictures. But fit better in the show than the rope walker/juggler. Don't know if it was just his day off or a permanent change.

Overall, it was a much better show this time around. Glad they made the changes. I'll check it out again in the next few weeks to see if they changes are permanent or update any other changes.
RE: Born to Rock

All of the changes I noted above are still in effect. So I think it's safe to say they are all permanent. The new version of the show, while not spectacular, is most definitely better than the first version I saw during opening week. The show now flows much better (with the exception of the set change in the middle, that's still abrupt, and for a minute, the audience thinks the show is over when they close the curtain).

I wouldn't rate the show as a "Must See" if someone is traveling to BGT for just one day, but it's worth seeing if the time allows and for locals making multiple trips.
RE: Born to Rock

Looks like the rope walker/juggler still performs, must be on days when the other duo is not performing their routine. The different dancers bring out his various props and dance their way back off stage.

So to recap:

- High School Musical/Glee feeling gone
- Guitarist gone
- Belly dancers gone
- Romantic feeling mostly gone (still in with a few songs and the dancers, a little, but not like in the video above)
- dancers featured more prominently throughout

I will *try* to get this show on video (or at least some of it), but my camera doesn't do great in lower lighting, so we'll have to see.
RE: Born to Rock

I've caught the show again twice since last writing, and I have to admit, it's growing on me. I think the cast has really meshed (honestly, they are all quite talented, the vocals are usually spot on, and the dancing is great).

It's definitely more pop/rock than it is anything African themed, but the last show in there wasn't either. The reality is that Desert Grill often hosts tour group meals, which are usually composed of teenagers, so this is a good fit for them. On a recent performance, the place was packed, mostly with a large tour group, and they loved the show. (A large contingent of teenage girls gushed every time the lead male dancer appeared on stage, and it definitely fed his performance.)

I've tried to grab video, but as I anticipated, my camera doesn't work in the lower lighting well enough to keep from going in and out of focus.

But trust me, the video in the first post doesn't do this show justice. While it's not Iceploration or Kinetix (although I've seen the male/female balancing duo in Kinetix once), it's a solid show with some talented singers and dancers.
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RE: Born to Rock (2013 - Present)

I kinda do like this show. I did like the original concept in some ways. Example, I did like the geek stumbling around and stuff. Belly dancers with the tight rope walking worked. The geek woman now a good looking singer works better in the current version though. The 5 minutes of the geek and the curtain is just a waste of filler in my opinion. The geek warming up the crowd 5 minutes prior is great, depending on the actor playing the geek, I have later found
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RE: Born to Rock (2013 - Present)

Hey at least your park actually got rid of the bad show, our park just keeps thinking "let's try again, it has to work this time." Oh but wait Entwined only got worse IMO.
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