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Boardwalk Fries appears to be a licensed location of the Boardwalk Fries chain

The Boardwalk Fries Website lists the following history on their website.

In the summer of 1980, while strolling along the Boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland, enjoying the sights and smells of the ocean, brothers David and Fran DiFerdinando imagined a business that they couldn't resist. Together, they founded Boardwalk Fries® - today the only major French fry brand in the United States.
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Nice find, Peter R!

Now, I've said this before, and I'll say it again in its proper place. A trip to Kings Dominion is not complete without an order of these fries.

Seriously, I cannot imagine going to the park without grabbing a bucket full of these and loading up on seasonings, salts, and vinegar. Top it all off with seating by the International Street fountains and you've got yourself the best way to experience Kings Dominion with your friends and/or family. Nothing else comes close. I'm not even a big French fry fan, and I love these. They are so delicious. Try them with Old Bay or Cajun seasoning, or some garlic salt, dip 'em in some vinegar, and mmmm...

I'll stop here before I short out my computer from drool overload.

But seriously, if you plan on going to Kings Dominion this season and haven't tried these yet, do it. I can't stress that enough.

These babies are the PORK SHANKS of Kings Dominion! ;)
After what Joe said I guess all of us need to have a board walk fries and Intimadator day. Just because Intimadator is the best coaster I've ever rode in my life.
Jr.HOSfan said:
Just because Intimadator is the best coaster I've ever rode in my life.

Now I wonder if that is the only coaster you have ever ridden.

Mediocre at best.
Back to the Topic at hand...

It may also be worth noting they have a burger chain concept as well... a "Five Guys" competitor.

The Washington (D.C.) City Paper has a short article on that, The District being the home turf of the Five guys chain.
Need to point out that Five Guys started in Arlington not DC.  Excellent burgers.  You can get Boardwalk Fries in Arlington, VA too.
For any fry-dippers who are interested, Knott's Network is reporting that Cedar Fair has switched condiment sponsorship from Red Gold to Heinz.

Now I wonder if they will change their hand soap to cucumber melon?
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Well, Heinz is vaguely German-sounding, and things that vaguely fit theming seems to be KD's style, so it will greatly impact International Street as far as theming goes.
Heinz is now appearing at the bottom of the Kings Dominion and Cedar Point page in the sponsors field.  Though a quick look at the Cedar Fair page did not turn up any press releases.



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Yeah, I meant to mention that earlier. It also looks like French's is no longer sponsoring them.
Well I hope they have Simply Heinz, which is made with sugar instead of corn syrup and tastes how regular Heinz ketchup used to taste. The current "standard" Heinz ketchup in America tastes like crap.

Wait, did we just have like 10 posts about ketchup?
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I've just received word from several of my higher up sources that the park is REMOVING their traditional Red Gold ketchup in favor of Heinz. I for one am OUTRAGED that they would even THINK about going against tradition and making such a RADICAL change in the way that guests experience the park... It makes me both furious and deeply saddened to see the wretched condition that my beloved home park has bestowed upon itself... It's like watching a close friend wither away into dust from crippling drug abuse. What are you guys' thoughts?
Well....I prefer Heinz. I can tell when i am NOT consuming Heinz. Jonquil is right, Heinz used to be better than it is now. But even still, Heinz is better than every other brand. That is just me though. (and my wife :) )
You saw how they tried to hide it too, with no press release. This would never have happened under Paramount!

Dear Virginia Gazette...
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