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Here are some photos of the two new cars that were running today. Steering wheel is on the left but gas pedal is in the middle. The new cars look great!


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I hope we see more added to increase ridercount for HOS and WF. These are like the first new cars in forever that I know of so hopfully we get an even better attraction for the events this year.
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I think it’s clear that KD’s and CF’s leadership are really all-in on theming at this point. In the past couple of years, CF’s CEO Richard Zimmerman (who, incidentally, used to be KD’s GM) has talked in investor earnings calls about how they think a well-rounded, high quality guest experience is the key strategy for CF’s long-term success, and he’s specifically said that more immersive themed experiences are part of that strategy. For a park like KD, which already has the underlying bones of a theme park and which competes with one of the best-themed (for now) theme parks in the country, leaning heavily into theming just makes sense.

And when KD’s current GM, Bridgette Bywater, first started in her role in January 2021, she said in her first interview as GM that she envisions KD as becoming a theme park:
I think the history of the park resonates with me very well. I’m excited to find our roots and sort of redeveloping into more of a theme park. Source

Before coming to KD, Bridgette spent her entire career at Worlds of Fun, which is already one of CF’s best-themed parks (and she may also have been influenced by nearby Silver Dollar City). It’s clear that she really cares about making KD an experience, not just a place with coasters.

Add in the incredible work by Tony Turner, KD’s Creative Services lead who’s led everything from the Jungle X theming to the Grizzly Gulch and Country Kitchen redos to Winterfest’s decor to these new projects in Old Virginia, and there’s no doubt that all of KD’s leadership really does see theming as the path to KD’s future. And I’m thrilled to see it.
The Taft/KECO era had sponsorships. Most were for products used in the park chain. Chevrolet sponsored the major Broadway shows at the KD theater. Kodak sponsored scenic areas around KD, including the Eiffel Tower. The advertisements were low key and not in your face like Six Flags. No rides/structures were named after the sponsors or had ads plastered all over ride vehicles and buildings.
Given "Tollway" is part of the ride's name, they should have hit up EZ Pass as the sponsor. They could also take this further, with overhead EZ Pass gantries along the route, and variable toll rates based on congestion.
On an unrelated noted, we rode this a while back for the first time in eons and damn was our car loud. I think maybe we just got unlucky and got the loudest car they had. Wasn't terribly enjoyable driving and dealing with so much noise (also exhaust fumes). Didn't match my memories of rides like this, but maybe it's my memory that's flawed.
It’s a shame that they replaced the on-theme split rail fence with this ugly vertical fencing. Because some people are so dumb and can’t behave or watch their children.
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