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Resident Rat - They/Them
Sep 3, 2019
VA Beach
I am quite a bit annoyed that last Saturday and Sunday were block-out dates for basic memberships when they were giving away free bonus tickets for every membership level at the same time.

I can understand block-out dates to avoid the park being too crowded, but that is obviously not the point of it if they are trying to bring additional non-paying guests in.

I guess luring members out with a bunch of friends to then stand at the gate and decide to either upgrade their membership, buy an additional ticket or turn back around and go home is bringing in some money.

The block-out dates aren't openly announced either. The only way I can find them is through a link in the FAQ. There is no mention of them on the regular "park hours" calendar or on the regular "park schedule".
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I wonder if this is best attributed to incompetence, poor interdepartmental communication, or malice?
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