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Sep 23, 2009
As redheadtanman mentioned and I confirmed, here, extensive renovations will be coming to Bistro 205 in 2015. By the looks of it they will be following the counter service model seen throughout the rest of the park.
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Chicken nuggets, green beans, and a large diet coke, for a super low price of seven dollars and sixty nine cents!
The problem with the France booth this year was consistency, when they made it right it was all fantastic.
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I too would love a full service restaurant. But if I'm paying restaurant prices and tipping I would greatly prefer an indoor seating option or an area that is, at the very least, more tranquil. I know we're in an amusement park, but the noise of Griffon IMO makes this area too loud to be conducive to a premium (park-wise) dining experience. On the other hand, I'd love to have the food good enough to prove me wrong.
I still feel the restaurant is in a very poor location. The current entrance is almost completely blocked by a gift shop. I am interested to see what changes they make and what they offer. I swear someone mentioned a new dining concept was coming versus what they have done in the past. I hope there is something new that does work.
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I haven't seen any evidence that it's actually happening for 2015 but Pepto-Bismol Tower has been on the chopping block for years and years now. I've always thought that its removal would make Bistro 205 a far more prominent structure in Aquitaine.
I think another problem with a Bistro 205's locations is that it's just a couple hundred feet away from Trapper's. If I was really hungry and had to make a choice between Fried Chicken and Trapper's, it wouldn't be much of a decision, just more of an instinct. I truly believe they're going to have to put up a good food choice to avoid everybody in the whole area from going to Trapper's no matter what.
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They really need something attention grabbing. I go  to the Festhaus and Teatro because there's a show. I go to Trappers because the smell pulls me in. The only other place I might eat is Grogan's Grill since I like the food and setting. As you can tell with Grogan's Grill I go for the food since I know the food is good. With this new Bistro 205 the park needs to focus on the food and less on the atmosphere. I love a nice themed restaurant as much as the next guy but that doesn't get me to return. I have high hopes and I imagine this will go over well since everybody that tried the buffet and sitdown told me it was really good.
They do need to work on atmosphere. Eating on their patio in the middle of summer is killer and would drive anyone away to other place that provide at minimum much more shade and protection.
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