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Big Bad Wolf hunter
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Jun 16, 2013
How well does the park's ride accommodate bigger riders?  To give you an idea size wise I can fit snugly in a regular seat on Griffin and Alpengist.
I'm big(ger) and I had no issue at SFA. Superman is probably the tightest but oddly not that uncomfortable for such a tight fit. Mind Eraser and Apocalypse I would avoid, even if you can technically fit on the ride - they're both very uncomfortable.
Superman will be the toughest if you have a wait over 40-42". Everything else shouldn't be a problem. I haven't seen to many people to make the walk on Apocalypse.
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are there test seats for any of there coasters and what about Batwing?
I have a large friend that has rode Batwing. They use to have a test seat for Superman but I'm not sure if it's still there or not. From what I understand it wasn't accurate and pointless.
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