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Apr 17, 2017
It's not the biggest part of the coaster but I've noticed in every version of Big Thunder Mountain except WDW there is an effect simulating the train splashing down through a pool of water, achieved by timed water jets beneath the tracks. While the WDW version apparently does not have this effect, there is a section in the flooded town scene where the track gets real close to the water. It is not known to me if there used to be a splashdown effect there, but a few ideas why it was never implemented or was removed are: This ride was the original version of Big Thunder that was supposed to be at Disneyland, and never included the effect. The effect was there during the rides early years of operation but was turned off and later removed due to the water spray harming the track and nearby props. The effect was removed after Splash Mountain opened nearly next door to Big Thunder so that the new ride wouldn't be "copying" the latter. I understand that each version of BTMR is different and unique in their own way but what does everyone think?
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Jul 7, 2010
I was just typing up something about animatronics and Florida's humidity, but then I realized the same could be said of Splash Mountain.

Hmm great question!
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