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RE: The British Baker



I've been told that British Baker is being renamed to Big Ben's Funnel Cakes.

RE: The British Baker

What bugs me the most is that the Banbury Cross clock tower isn't Big Ben. It doesn't look like Big Ben. It was never built to seem like Big Ben.

It's like if they renamed the shop in Aquitaine's pepto-bismol tower "Eiffel Tower Gifts." It is generic and inaccurate, and it erodes the charm of each hamlet's representing an actual, quaint village somewhere within the country to which it's themed.
RE: The British Baker

That would be "Les Taters." It's plural. and the L' is only used for words that are singular and begin with a vowel; le and la are the masculine and feminine singular, respectively.
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I’m planning on going to Busch tomorrow and, while I won’t be doing the Food and Wine Festival, I would definitely like purchase at least one snack. I’m trying to choose between a pretzel from Pretzels and Beer and a funnel cake from Big Ben’s. Has anyone ever tried the Black Forest funnel cake?
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