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Picture from National Roller Coaster Museum's Facebook
Hershey Park Sooper Dooper Looper Old trains. Wild Cat from Cedar Point and the one and only BBW
If I remember right that's the traveling car that's going to the mobile RCM buildings. That picture is OLD, by the way.
Shane said:
I find it interesting that the got the actual sign from the Wolf. I also thought they got a whole train for some reason.

They did get an entire train. The photo I posted of it before no longer works.
I may be the only person out there who hasn't seen this ad before, but I'm posting it anyway (it has less than 150 views on YouTube so it couldn't have made it that far).

Does anyone actually have any idea what's happening in that commercial? I honestly have no clue.

In other news, as was done with Drachen Fire's history post a few days ago, I've gone back and modernized two more BGWFans classics: Chris's extremely informative Big Bad Wolf history post, and Nora's fantastic/amazing/tear-jerking personal account of the Big Bad Wolf's closing day. Chris's Big Bad Wolf history post can be found here, and Nora's post can be found here. Seriously, if you haven't read through Nora's post, you need to. It is, in my honest opinion, the greatest post in the site's 3 year history. It simply doesn't get better than that post. Just going back though it and updating the formatting gave me that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that could be felt as I took my last ride at the speed of fright. Also, whatever you do, don't skip the poem at the end. It, like the rest of the post, is just stunningly good.
The narrator in the "Say Good-bye To The Big Bad Wolf" video attached to Chris' post says the same thing that Nora wrote in her post. What up?

Totally wanted to do a street view of the park today because i wanted to see what might be new, and the current street view still has the Wolf! Wish i would of gotten to ride the beast. 1 year too late...​
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