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Pusheen Gardens
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
A tempesto between park and its fans
To Busch Gardens' dismay, a fan group routinely leaks details of new rides

The Virginia Gazette said:
JAMES CITY — As usual, Busch Gardens has kept news of its forthcoming ride for the park's 40th anniversary shrouded in secrecy until the unveiling scheduled for Saturday morning. Equally predictable, a Facebook page for Busch Gardens fans (BGWFan) played spoiler by revealing many of the details months ago.

The ride's name, "Tempesto" was on the group's Facebook page as early as October. Concept art for the then unnamed ride appeared last July. Photos of construction are also posted.

That's par for the course accord to Zachary Strader, one of the site's administrators.

"BGWFans has for years leaked every major (and most minor) addition to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, including rides, shows, theming, special events, animals, food, seasonal attractions, etc.," Strader wrote in an email Thursday. " We have managed to do so by building strong relationships with a collection of key individuals with access to information about future park plans. Because of the quality of our sources, our leaks have always proven to be correct, although occasionally the minor details change as the park implements plans."

The typos in that article from a real news outlet is quite worrisome. Don't they have spell check or an editor?

Looks like Zachary is a celebrity. Now all that is left for him to do is to act outrageousely to be a superstar like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.
I'm sure he'll marry one of the Kardashians now.

And Chris, considering there is a hard hat tour tomorrow and no had said anything here confirms that. I bet Zachary couldn't even pick up a friend working at the park.
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Break out the [REDACTED]!

Seriously though, congratulations. It's so nice to see the site getting attention; 2015 is looking to be a great year for our little fan site. All of Zach's and everyone else's hard work has really paid off and I feel like we are headed in a great direction with our close community and expanding park coverage. Good job, everyone involved, and good luck as we tread into a (hopefully) prosperius era for theme park fan journalism.
Oh god I hope the park doesn't realize that our hatred of Scott is just a rues to cover up the fact that he is the source and get rid of him.
Dear Virginia Gazette,

There I was, in my office chatting with Scott about how we could introduce a few new bars in ride queue when my assistant came in with your periodical. Imagine my shock, imagine my surprise, frankly my shame when after reading a lovely and informative piece, "Flo's Canning Tips for Spring," I came across an "article," about those hooligans at that "blog site," and their nefarious leader, Zachary. I can not believe you would publish those lies and give further credence to all the hurtful things they have said about the Cell Tower/ Landscaping Project!

Frankly if I had them, I would be clutching my pearls!  Carrying on with this sort of yellow journalism is how the terrorists will win!

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