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Sep 23, 2009
The other two park managers have Updates & Changes threads so I might as well make one too.

There's now a Colonial Williamsburg board in Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Other Local Attractions section. Admittedly, it's long overdue, but better late than never, right? I know there are plenty of passionate fans of CW out there- hopefully a few of them are BGW fans too. I actually bought a Colonial Williamsburg pass for the first time ever this off-season and I'm really starting to enjoy the place myself.
Matthew's Tempesto update just went further on Facebook than any other post in the site's history. Facebook is always a lottery, and Matthew just won the jackpot with his second main site post ever. This is the Facebook post I'm talking about:


And here are the Facebook Insight stats on said post as of the time of this post:


Additionally, that post pushed BGWFans past 1,200 likes on Facebook. Basically, it was a blockbuster Facebook post in every way imaginable. Congrats to Matthew and thank you all for your continued support on social media!
Ha, I'm always open to offers. Everyone loves the idea of other people producing content in theory, but no one actually steps up to write. Props to Matthew for doing so. :p
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The majority of the usability problems that have plagued since we moved it over to the new server about two weeks ago have been fixed. A handful of visual bugs still exist that I'll be working on over the coming days, but I think most things are at least functional now.

Sorry about the rough state of BGWFans and KDFans lately—the new forum has taken a lot of attention away from getting all of the blogs' issues sorted. KDFans is next in line for repairs.
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