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There won't be a web cam this year. I emailed the park about two weeks ago asking about this and when they replied they said the only web cam that would be operational this year would be during Christmas Town.
Awww! I love the web cam. Remember when it was on top of Griffon? I loved to check in on that and see the park from that angle. I think there should be a rotating webcam from the top of Mach Tower! :)
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They should put the web cam in a haunted house for HoS instead of Christmastown
I wonder how much it cost BGW to have a web cam running when the park is open? We used the web cam that was installed on the Verbolten drop hill to see what the crowds were like on the bridge from Germany to Italy.

Eric M
I'm sure the only cost is the electric for the actual webcam and maybe another small fee for having a live stream on the website.
I actually can't understand why they aren't doing a webcam, unless they want to only use them for promoting the new stuff.
They don't want us making @verboltenstatus or @machtowerstatus, ect. :p

And sometimes they can be a pain to maintain, especially Busch Gardens cams because they turn it off/on at a certain time.

Either that or they are too lazy to install the camera.
They probably don't want any bad press over it. For example, they would rather people show up on a busy day rather than check to see if it's busy and not show up at all. Plus, the whole what if a ride breaks down, it would discourage business.
If not wanting to show crowds is their issue, then this^ is the answer. Just put it on a coaster. I'd Much rather see a coaster cam than one for CT.
But also my second point was, if the ride breaks down, it makes the ride and the park look bad because people think, or the GP think, rides have no downtime ever and if it does it's a hazard.
If I could pick any place in all of Busch Gardens to set up a permanent webcam it would be right at the base of the bridge facing the most iconic scene of the park - the Rhine with Nessie, Griffon, and Alpengeist all running. You could also see the boats pulling in and out of the docks.

That scene has to be the most photographed area in all of Busch Gardens history of family vacation photos. Why mess with a good thing. If it makes a good post card, it makes a good web cam.
Piggy-backing off of what Nora suggested, I would like to see that camera mounted on a train. It could pan right as it goes across the bridge. Plus, it could show you much more as a mobile camera as opposed to the static position on the bridge itself.
Heck, why not put a camera on a sky bucket as well. Ideas are flooding out!! :cool:
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