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I thought for sure that Kings Dominion was going to win this year. I'm shocked.
Who is the group that makes the award. What do the base the award on(votes, a panel...)?

more info......

I am always amazed they win this award every year. I do not go to that many parks but I would assume there are other nice parks out there.
chrisnva: The group offering the awards is the National Amusement Park Historical Association, The awards are based on a survey. For full results go to the website and click on "Press Releases." ETA: And actually, I guess "award" is not really the right term, they are just the results of a survey, which is I guess why you see headlines like, "BGW Named Most Beautiful ..." by the NAPHA, rather than "BGW Receives Award for Most Beautiful..." A minor difference of course but I don't think NAPHA actually calls them awards, just results of their survey.
Oops, getting my industry groups mixed up, but doesn't the park get the golden ticket award for the same thing from them? I remember reading it somewhere.
I think Golden Ticket has a category for something like Landscaping? maybe? which I think is the closest to "Most Beautiful" but I'm not that well versed on industry groups -- though as an aside I still miss Amusement Business (magazine that ceased publication in, gosh, has it been 6 years now? yikes) -- loved their attendance reports and such.
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