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The England parking lot is generally for tour/school buses and used as overflow preferred parking during the Summer months. That being said, Depending on the day's capacity, it'll be used as standard parking to avoid filling up the farther parking lots. This prevents having to run the trams at all during slow time periods. It's also used if you have a pet using the pet kennels located in that parking lot, as well.
If you are coming from I64 then there is a major exit for it, east and westbound. England I THINK is the second preferred lot, I believe France would have to fill up then they put preferred there. Preferred is worth it if you do not feel like waiting for a tram and what not. I have a Platinum pass so preferred is all I have ever done in the last ten or so years.

Daggumit, doc! haha. What he said.
Pay for preferred. As you approach the attendant who is waiving you into the France lot, just point straight ahead and ask if you can park in England. Works for us about 90 percent of the time.
yeah frane is infront of the turstiles and is better if you need to buy a ticket. england is better for pass members and people that want to look for the mysterious grave stone.
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