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Dec 23, 2011
I was reading their minor policy. Which states:

Except when participating in an event intended for young guests such as our Adventure Camps, sleepovers, birthday parties and educational programs, Busch Gardens suggests that visitors 13 and younger be accompanied by an adult.

I saw sleepovers and thought, who in their mind would stay the night at the park? I would, but where? Do they have guest rooms in some buildings throughout the park?

I originally thought if they added like mini-themed hotels in the park that guests can actually rent, it would be a neat one-of-a-kind experience. Like the dines. They can build on to like the pub in Ireland for example. Include like maybe 10 - 20 guest rooms, along with bathrooms, and a few other things like perhaps a separate dinning room with breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet. It is possible. The guest of course during closing hours would be restricted to stay in their hotel area such as their rooms except to go to the bathrooms.

Just curious, would this be an experience you would want? Of course parking and park admission will be charged separately each day you stay, but I think it could really work and be very nice.

Just noticed this, why would you leave your 12 or younger child at a sleepover a BGW unattended by adults?
Oh, okay. I have noticed a few things that get copied and pasted. But it would be an interesting thing to do to sleepover at BGW.
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