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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
BGW is selling the BGT tiger Cup That Cares.  As the happy owner of a white one, I can attest to how adorable they are.  That said, I wish that we had a wolf cup (yes, I know: money); and I feel there is a level of irony in the park cutting Zoo and then selling animal cups.  One might go as far as to call it hypocrisy to slash the department that supports conservation and then promote the Cup That Cares campaign.

Here is info on the cup.

I wonder if we will still get the penguin cups at CT?

Just a little disclaimer- those cups are a complete waste of money. It may be a cute idea for a small child, but the cups are actually much smaller than they look. Another big problem with the cups, is that when you use the Coca-Cola freestyle machines, it limits the amount that you are able to fill the cups. Also, if you use any ice, that just adds insult to injury.
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I have never had trouble drinking from the tiger cups. Sometimes I throw the accessories in the bag, but I get more than enough to drink and they are easy to use.
I have no doubt that the functionality of the cup is nothing short of top notch. I only question the subject matter that is obviously Tampa inspired.
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