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May 22, 2010
Virginia Beach
They're at it again, and it's amazing.


Also be sure to read the comments on both posts. They are worthy of a read through.
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Matthew said:
So is this a site about BGW or about making fun of Christianity? Just wondering.....

It's whatever you make it. I find it all rather amusing really.

You don't venture to The Onion much, do you?
Matthew said:
I didn't say it wasn't, but it kind of started down the road of making fun of BGW, then somehow Christianity got involved in that process?

Don't get me wrong, I see what you're saying. But I think you're mixing the comments on post into the content of the post themselves.... That like comparing comments made on the forums to content Zachary post on BGWFans.
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Yes I understand, but Princess also made comments with similar content. It's not like Zachary does that.
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Regardless, I seriously hope it is a parody site. That "Princess" post was really offensive. I think it has to be a guy writing it. What woman would say something like that? It is completely sexist, and plays into all sorts of awful stereotypes about women. I mean really:

If you play your cards right (and wear the right top ;-) ) you can sometimes get the cutie ringing up your purchase to give you that discount.
I didn't understand this site when I mentioned it the other day and I still don't understand it. I can't say I'm very comfortable with what I've read though.
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Finally got a chance to look at the site. I didn't know BGCabana had a new name! :p
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Jonquil said:
I'm not sure this thread deserves to be resurrected, but the "bgwrocks" site keeps posting: another hilariously bad post from "Princess" and a post by a new contributor, who seems to have a strangely familiar name. ParkFans seem to have a big target painted on it...

Anyway, my apologies, but it's Applesauce's fault that I keep following this trainwreck of a website...

* Jonquil glares at Applesauce
Don't pin this on me. D: I was just following orders. ; n; I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

I still find this mildly hilarious though. Because wow, they're trying so hard. I just wanna know who's behind it.
^ LOL. You (sort of) got called out, Pretzel Kaiser. I forgot to mention that. Heh.
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