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Apr 29, 2011
I just remembered this incident as I was in the park earlier in the day.

A man was struck by lightning in the parking lot near closing and died the next morning.

JAMES CITY — A man hit by lightning Saturday night in a Busch Gardens parking lot died Sunday morning, Sentara Williamsburg Community Hospital spokeswoman Vicky Gray said.

About an hour before that lightning strike, another man had a close call with lightning in Toano.

The man killed -- Fred Haigler, 29, of Oak Hill -- was hit about 9 p.m. in the Italy lot of the amusement park.

When paramedics arrived, a park first-aid team had started CPR, said Tal Luton, James City County Fire Department district chief.

Haigler was in cardiac arrest, but paramedics were able to restore his heartbeat, Luton said. "However, his wounds were significant," he said.

Haigler and his girlfriend were leaving the park when the lightning struck. His girlfriend was in Haigler's truck and did not see it happen, Luton said.

Haigler had burn marks on his head and chest, as well as an exit wound on a foot, Luton said.

He died at 10:50 a.m. Sunday, Gray said.
Here is the ironic part of that story that wasn't published for the public (acquired by sources):

The guy was killed and with his girlfriend BUT the park had called his wife to let her know what happened. The wife asked, who was he with and why was he there, to find out he was with his girlfriend.
I would say it is IRONIC...maybe. But death isn't really funny to me. And even if this guy was cheating, which may or not may be the case (in the article?), it is not an offense punishable by death. I just hope there weren't any children involved.
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