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Sep 23, 2009
If you find some BGW merchandise for sale that you don't want, but you think someone else here may want to grab, post a link here (and if you buy something, post pictures to the Merchandise thread!)

I'll start:
I found a nice-looking deck of Busch Gardens The Old Country playing cards for sale today and thought someone out there might want to grab them. It has a buy it now price of $9.99 but the seller is also taking offers.
RE: BGW Merchandise on Ebay

I'm bringing back this thread.

There's some very cool coaster fact sheets from 1995 up for sale (Loch Ness, The Wolf, and Drachen Fire) here. Don't know what's on them exactly, but they look very interesting.

Also, there's a 1982 brochure up for sale here for less than $2 shipped. Amazing deal right there.

If anyone picks either of these things up, I'd love to see scans... ;)
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RE: BGW Merchandise on Ebay

I see there is a set of 1996 BGT Olympic pins for sale, on bid for $10. I saw this and was like that is neat and then I found out, I own the 1996 BGW Olympic pins. It would be neat to own the ones for BGT too, but sadly $20 for me right now is a bit too much, I really am terrible with my finances at the moment.

But for anyone else who may be interested;

2 days, 21 hours left.
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RE: BGW Merchandise on Ebay

Well I got them as a gift from my grandmother who got them from a relative who had passed away. I keep them very dear to me, perhaps someone will put some up on Ebay like the BGT ones.
RE: BGW Merchandise on Ebay

Mind posting pictures to the merchandise thread? (See first post for link)
RE: BGW Merchandise on Ebay

I'll look into it, I haven't opened the box in a few years so it is probably a tad dusty.
RE: BGW Merchandise on Sale

I wanna kick who-ever's ass in here out bid me on this by FIFTY-NINE CENTS!
RE: BGW Merchandise on Sale

Really cool Busch Gardens mug is really cool!
RE: BGW Merchandise on Sale

You wouldn't have lost if your REALLY wanted them.
I have E-baying for a decade+ and have rarely lost an auction. Hit me up for some tips if you want. :cool:
If anyone is looking for a nice Old Country mug, there's a Gordon and the Friendly Dragon mug in what looks to be great shape for sale on Etsy. Link ($5 + $8 shipping)
Yeah- I saw that... I already have one. :( Still looking for that Big Bad Wolf snowglobe folks! Anyone? Anyone?

Shane said:
I wanna kick who-ever's ass in here out bid me on this by FIFTY-NINE CENTS!

It wasn't me!

Well... I have a page dedicated to photos of vintage merch on my Facebook page:

Most of it is mine.. and I haven't even scratched the surface yet on my stash. I have two boxes full that I haven't even got to. Not to mention clothing too.
This must have been made in the 70's or 80's, it's pretty cool:
Busch Gardens Old Country Williamsburg Virginia Candle, can be found here.

I also found this, and it has the same exact logo on it.
Busch Gardens The Old Country Williamsburg Virginia small Ceramic coffe/beer mug, can be found here.
I do hope you guys and gals have seen the Loch Ness lanyard pin this year? LOVE! It is the old vintage "Loch Ness Monster Lives" logo with water splashing behind it. It is being sold at the Tweedside gift shop in Scotland.


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Thanks for pointing that out! I never go into Tweedside gifts but this is definitely on my must-buy list.
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