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Dec 23, 2011
So like with the KD thread, I thought it would be interesting to see Busch Garden's health inspections. What I found was interesting.

There were a lot more critical violations than I expected, then again I also kind of expected this as well. Check them out at:
Just a quick rundown of the critical violations I pulled from the latest inspections so people don't have to click through everything:

Das Edelwiess: Funnel cake batter cold holding at improper temperatures. Batter stored on shelf with no temperature control.

M. Sweets Confectionary Factory: "Employees observed handling ready-to-eat (RTE) food with their bare hands."

Grogan's Grill & Annie's Cafe: In-use utensils [read: ice scoop] improperly stored between use.

Pigs in a Kilt: Hot dogs cold holding at improper temperatures (room temperature) and chicken and corndog batter was not labeled or otherwise marked with a 4 hour cook, serve or discard by time.

Trapper's Smokehouse: The following utensils were observed soiled to sight and touch: pans and tongs in smokeroom.

Dine with Elmo: The food on display (bread and meat on carving station) is not protected from contamination.

The Dine with Elmo violations just seem like common practice and, according to Bill, the holding temperature stuff is somewhat minor as well. With that in mind, the M. Sweets and Trappers violations look like the most concerning ones on the list.
I VERY much appreciate this information! I take my restaurant reports quite seriously whether I'm in a theme park or not. Great informational idea for the forum :) Thanks!
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