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Aug 30, 2022
I know people are excited about the idea of a new hamlet behind Germany. Whether it happens or not what if they added a dark shooter? KD has Boo Blasters and Hershey has Reese’s Cup Fusion…. Not to mention universal and Disney’s dark shooters.. if the new hamlet was Eastern Europe themed they could do a Van Helsing dark shooter with crossbows!

Probably never will happen, but a boy can dream 😴
That’d be awesome!
I live near holiday world out in the Midwest, they had a goofy turkey theme game my girl (no kids, company picnic) and I rode twice just to compete for scores. I’d love one that has awesome teaming, I know little kid me would love it.
I was kinda hoping they’d do that with Darcastle, even with the crossbows.
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When the first rumors came out that DarKastle might be closing, I honestly expected BGW to retrofit it as an interactive shooting dark ride like Knott’s Voyage to the Iron Reef (now Beary Tales) or Six Flags’ Justice League dark rides. At the time, those high-tech Triotech and Sally dark rides seemed like the next big thing in the industry. Plus, DarKastle already had the track and screens in place, so it should’ve been a relatively easy and inexpensive conversion. And it would’ve solved DarKastle’s two biggest problems — the interactive nature would address DarKastle’s lack of re-rideability, and the more limited and gentler motion of the interactive vehicles would have reduced maintenance costs.

Of course, that theory went to ruin when BGW started ripping out DarKastle’s track and screens and gutting the building. With DarKoaster on the way, I sadly don’t see any dark rides — interactive or not — in BGW’s near future.
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