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You got me on that one. :)

I'm glad Busch did this, very good idea. They need to do the same for HOS next year.

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Yep, that's an even better idea. I'd love to see it in the snow.

UPDATE: I just looked at it for the first time (I know :p). It is only on during park hours... Not cool.
Do you guys ever go to the regular site? It's been in the Christmas Town post since it first went up online (weeks ago).

I do hope they keep the webcam going and, if you look at the placement, all they need to do is tilt it up and turn it a little to get a view of the Festhaus Park area. I'm hoping the new project is going to come with multiple webcams to choose from, this would probably be one of them.
I heard about it a while back (on their Facebook page), and just forgot to look at it.

I'll have to look at it on Friday. That way, I'll know where to throw the rock to bump it a little so we can get the view of Festhaus Park when I go on Saturday. /sarcasm
Hey Chris.kobelt. I turned on the webcam that last day of park operation and saw the very last show of the evening. The camera stayed on for about 30 minutes after the park closed and there were sill people milling about and around the tree. I even saw security have to come and escort them out. And then the tree went dark and the Festhaus went dark and the camera shut off and a logo of Christmas Town came up. It was quite sad.
Not open for further replies.
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