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Apr 9, 2013
Alright, does ANYONE have any experience with these yet?

Worth the price of admission?
Or are these things pretty much for dumping off the elderly ones in your group? :huh:
They're at the back of the Wild Reserve. The area they've sectioned off for them is really nice. If you're buying four QuickQueues anyway it's probably worth jumping for the Cabanas but otherwise it seems like a bit of a waste.
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The only thing that would attract me to these would be to have a nice quiet place to have for the little ones to take a short nap while I enjoy the fan overhead (at least I think I see one in the pics) and the 8 waters/sodas they give you for the day. And it is nice that it comes with a locker to store stuff in....But yeah, it looks really nice from a distance.

I wonder if they let people go take a look at them when one isn't in use?

If they threw in a bucket of beers, that would probably seal the deal for me. :)
I see it as more of if you have a birthday party, this would be ideal for the cake and presents area. Or if you just want to use it to throw your stuff there and run around the park. I think the cabanas are best off at WCUSA, where people would be able to lay back and tan or what not.
Party Rocker said:
I think the cabanas are best off at WCUSA, where people would be able to lay back and tan

I don't think if a cabana is covered then you can tan,:p Maybe if you go outside the cabana.
I need to try one. I think I will most likely do the Cabana At WCUSA. I'll have to see what it is like, and do WCUSA's cabanas come with quick queues too?
Shane said:
They appear to be a waste of space to me. I'd like the see the wild reserve expanded instead.

They rotate the animals in that one cage, they could easily build another where the cabanas are to show off more animals.
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