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ReggaeInMyJeggae said:
Not to derail the 'next coaster' talk, but I don't find Cheetah Hunt that great. In fact, I think Verbolten blows it out of the water and I'm not particularly a huge fan of VBolt, either.

It'd be nice to see SEAS return to making a thrilling ride or 2.

Here, here. Do something innovative. I was with some Florida friends who like to party and was probably drunk but I really enjoyed Cheetah Hunt.
I thoroughly enjoy Cheetah Hunt. On my last trip I got the QQ unlimited and probably rode it 5-6 times, not just because I had the QQ unlimited, but because I loved it that much. It is such a fun, free-flowing, smooth, and comfortable ride, and I love it even more everytime I ride it. I like Verbolten, but I'd much rather prefer a Cheetah Hunt type coaster over it.

I'm looking forward to the next new coaster at BGT. Management down there seems to always pick unique and fun rides, and executes them very well.
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