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Aug 17, 2010
Busch Gardens has had a plethora of additions since it opened. So, what is your favorite? This can be anything from Die Wildkatze to Mach Tower. You can also throw in one least favorite addition. To make things more interesting, let's add a dream addition, too. Favorite additions may include rides, restaurants, shows, animal exhibits, and even entire countries. Just remember the countries have to have been additions, so you are basically limited to Italy and Ireland. I'll start.

1. Apollo's Chariot - My all-time favorite coaster
2. Loch Ness Monster - Put the park on the map
3. Alpengeist - Great coaster, showed the park could still produce the thrills
4. Grogan's Pub - Awesome food
5. Imaginique - One of the best theme park shows I have ever seen

Least Favorite: Europe in the Air
Dream Addition: B&M designed homage to Drachen Fire
My favorite addition would be both the additions of Nessie and the Wolf. Both being great Arrow coasters and BGW's first two "big" coasters in the park.

My least favorite would be the Forest of Fun. I have nothing against kiddy sections in parks I just don't like the fact that it's themed after Sesame Street; A big pet peeve of mine is amusement parks with rides/attractions themed after children's media, movies, TV shows, or pop culture (this is seen mostly in Six Flags and Cedar parks) One thing about BGW I used to love was the fact that they had original and clever theming and didn't become Disney wanna-be's by theming everything after cartoons, etc. I'm at least thankful that the FoF is concentrated into one area and the rest of BGW's theming is still intact.

A dream addition would be that the Wolf was never removed and was fully restored instead. A new roller coaster is then built on the former Drachen Fire site. I also think a new hamlet themed after either Spain or Russia would be neat.
1. Appolo's Charriot- my second favorite to I305... sorry I like I305
2. Alpengeist- Best inverted coaster I have ever been on
3. Griffon- even tho it is not the best coaster... by far, it did bring people to the park
4. Celtic Fyre- AMAZING!
5. Christmas Town- You didnt say we could do it but i did. It clearly braught in more monry and its a great event.

Least Favorite. Europe in the Air- Need I say more?
Dream. A B&M Flying coaster that interacts with the Rhine River in some way
I like your flyer idea. Personally, I am a great fan of the B&M flyers. Tatsu is one of the best rides out there to me.

5. Christmas Town- You didnt say we could do it but i did. It clearly braught in more monry and its a great event.

What? You went over my helmet?!

No, that's alright, though. Special events like HOS, CT, IllumiNights, and the concerts are fair game.
1. Loch Ness Monster: Put the park on the map, was the tallest and fasted in the world when it opened, and still one of the most unique rides in the world.
2. Apollo's Chariot: Amazing coaster that never gets old and my second favorite coaster (second only to The Voyage).
3. Alpengeist: Best invert ever and my third favorite coaster.
4. DarKastle: When it opened, it showed that parks like Universal should start shaking in their boots because they weren't the only ones who could build realistic multi-dimensional dark rides.
5. Drachen Fire: Gave the park a place for concerts and other seasonal attractions and put on of the final nails in Arrow's coffin. It's also now one of the most famous coasters of all time.

Least Favorite Addition: Europe in the Air (Did anyone expect anything different?)
Dream Addition: A hybrid-woodie Gravity Group terrain coaster (Spoiler: It'll never happen)
1. Griffon!- favorite coaster!!:)
2. Apollos Chariot- great addition.
3. Alpengeist- best inverted coaster around
4. Christmas Town- wonderful! fun and magical!
5. Darkastle- A great dark ride on par with the best in the world.

Worst: Europe In The Air.. Blah:(
Dream: Hmm. A floorless sitdown coaster near England!
1. Loch Ness Monster- put the park on the map
2. Curse of Darkastle- showed Disney and Uni aren't the only ones that make great rides
3. Apollo's Chariot- one of the best coasters EVER created and helped a suicidal goose temporarily ruin Fabio's "not-so perfect" face
4. Alpengeist- One of my favorite coasters
5. Ireland (before 2010)- Introduced part of my heritage into the park, created a theater that makes the best theme park shows, and now sells stuffed baked potatoes:D.

Worst Addition- EitA (kind of obvious)
Dream Addition- B&M Flyer that dives over the Rhine
I've performed a sort of crack calculation on these numbers. Please keep in mind, it's 6:30, so these may not be totally accurate, but here is the average list of best additions so far:

1. Loch Ness Monster
2. Apollo's Chariot
3. Alpengeist
4. Curse of DarKastle
5. Christmas Town

So far, our best additions have been mainly roller coasters and our dream additions, as well, but I'm sure we expected nothing else. Swift, that's an interesting take on Drachen Fire. I think you've changed my perspective about that ride. I always thought it was a bad addition to the park, but it could have been good for posterity's sake as I don't think the park will ever make a mistake on a coaster like that again.
This is hard for me considering my age & the fact I live in Ohio, yet I've owned an annual pass to the park for years as I'm originally from Richmond & spend quite a bit of time there when I'm not in school.

1. Alpengeist - My favorite inverted coaster and the granddaddy of B&M inverts
2. Apollo's Chariot - My 3rd favorite coaster (Only to Millennium Force & Magnum XL-200)
3. Loch Ness Monster - Such a great Arrow coaster & put the park on the map, of course
4. Curse of DarKastle - As much as I hated this ride the first year it was open (and had massive waits because it broke down), it's grown on me over time and I think it's a great addition, especially given it's location and can be considered a "family type" ride
5. Celtic Fye - Amazing show & I have to say it's my favorite one I've seen there in my years

Least Favorite: Europe in the Air & the fact that Sesame Street invaded the Globe Theatre.
Dream Addition: Either a B&M Flyer or at this point I'd take a Vekoma Flyer (Flying coasters are my favorite, followed by inverts)
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