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Aug 9, 2010
I stumbled across this today and don't remember reading it here before so I thought my fellow BGWfans would enjoy the read. I find it pretty cool that the guy who visits parks for a living ranks BGW as his favorite.
Bert's Top 5
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Bert and I have two of the same top three. Hint: I haven't been to Cedar Point.
I think it'd be tough for me to decide between CP and BGW for the top spot, they're both completely different parks & they're both great. While I love the theme that goes along with BGW, I feel like I am able to do a lot more at CP, but that's probably because most of my time at CP is spent hustling from one coaster to another (and waiting forever in lines because it is such well-known park), but there is almost no theme to the park whereas when I'm at BGW, it's more of a time to relax and be able to enjoy the day without feeling rushed.

But sadly, my 3rd favorite park would have to be AK at WDW because I just love everything about it, and I know that many people really dislike the WDW resort in general because it is so crowded year round, but it still ranks up there in my heart.
My top three are BGW, Dollywood and Holiday World, (in no particular order).
Kings Dominion > Six Flags Great Adventure > Sea World Orlando > Islands of Adventure > Busch Gardens Williamsburg

These are my top 5
Well, since everyone else is putting them in order I'll try...(it's difficult because they are all so different and have special things about them).

Holiday World > Dollywood > Busch Gardens Williamsburg > SeaWorld Orlando > Busch Gardens Tampa

But this is only theme parks. If I start going into amusement parks, I have to think about where to put places like Lake Winnie and Waldameer and then I start losing my mind.
My top 5 would probably be Hershey Park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Sea World Orlando, Islands of Adventure, and a tie between KD & CP. Not necessarily in that order.
Swiftman said:
Holiday World > Busch Gardens Williamsburg > Animal Kingdom

Amusement Parks is the list… Not Theme Parks :p

Since the OP references Amusement I will not even bother to list.
You're right! I retract all my previous posts and hereby criticize Bert the Conqueror for listing so many theme parks on a list that is supposed to be for amusement parks.
Mine are
1. BGW
2. WDW
5. Six Flags GA

BGW and WCUSA are the only parks I have been to in the last 20+ years so I don't have much to go on. When I was a little tyke I went to Disney World and then returned there and visited Epcot after it opened. I have also been to Six Flags in GA, Kings Island in Ohio and Magic Harbor at Myrtle Beach. On that basis I can confirm that BGW would have always been my favorite because I never liked the Pavilion at MB. I now know that I prefered MH because of the layout which included trees and a small lake. I will be returning to WDW in a few years when my children are old enough to enjoy it. If I could teleport to any park in the world I think it would be Europa Park in Germany since I don't think I could ever get there by my own means and it looks like a beautiful place with a lot of nice rides.
^ This. I had a really hard time picking my top three, I don't think I could ever pick a top five. In fact, I'm not even sure that my top three is still correct.
I was on vacation this weekend. Lets see out of the parks I've been to...

IOA (jurassic park was scary/cool as a child)
Seaworld Orlando
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