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Jun 22, 2010
Bert Kreisher will be at Busch Gardens on October 23rd filming from 7:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. He will be riding Griffon and they are asking ACE members to sign up to come to the filming.
RE: Bert the Conquerer

Heres a link:

I'm a member and I've only been one for less than a year and I love it.
He will also be at Kings Dominion for Intimidator 305 On October 22 and that is open to anyone.
Moved the thread to members only because apparently this info wasn't meant to go public just yet... :angel:
He does a Travel Channel show where he travels to different thrill rides and parks and stuff.
I'll be at the Kings Dominion one, I can't make it to the Busch Gardens one
Moved back to Special Events because it has been announced on Bert the Conqueror's Facebook page. About being able to attend the filming:

Sorry, we do not have any control of who the park invites to ride. And the scuttlebutt is that the list is full at Busch. Your best way to get any word before-hand is to join the American Coaster Enthusiast. Depending on what region is shooting, you can apply for the list at the parks when word is out. You are welcome to visit the park during the open hours of operation, you might see Bert around the park later in the day shooting with patrons. -Rocco

I wonder if they realize that ACE isn't all that important anymore...
There is to many "Save The (insert coaster name here)" organizations anyway they annoy me. And why are they going to take Pepsi's money when that money could go to cureing breast cancer or whatever.
Hey Guys, I got invited to the tv shoot at kings dominion on friday, and everyone invited gets to stay for the haunt afterwards... But right now I has no car to get there :/. I can bring one guest, and the shoot last from 11am-6pm, and then we get to stay for the haunts, which closes at 12 on friday.

If anyone can get off work/has nothing to do on friday and wouldnt mind standing around waiting, and riding i305 and other rides a multitude of times, getting free food and other free stuff, and then getting to stay for the haunt afterwards and swinging down to hampton to pick me up let me know!!
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