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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
If you read one of my posts in the "Favorite Defunct Attraction," you knew this thread was coming. There was this big debait about what kiddie flume is better- Riffle Rapids (formerly in LotD) or the new Bert & Ernie's Loch Adventure (currently in FoF). What do YOU think was better? Do you think it was the same one, just relocated???

Riffle Rapids was deff better- it was cute and it looked like it was a "thrill ride" to the kids.
I think they are the same, but I never saw Riffle Rapids. The reason I think they are the same is because my tour guide told me that, so I could be wrong. But he did make since he said that the miniture drop was taken out so that parents could ride with their kids.
you're probably right, but it just seems so stupid to take the thing out just to fill space in the new area. So, cheap...
J0E1 said:
Taking out RR kind of makes sense. First of all, if FoF opened with just three rides no one would think BG put enough into it. Plus, back when I was short enough to ride RR (a LONG ago) when my brother and I got to the lift, the attendent would ask us to wiggle and lean forward to get us up the hill. The chain was even too weak for me, and at the time I was less than 60 pounds (don't ask how much my brother was: <50 pounds?) Still, the whole concept of RR was better, and they would even let you go around twice.

:angel: I just needed to add that Smilie! Completey random...

1. No one cares about how much they put in that area. They might as well put in a playground area.
2. The problem you are saying you had would be a problem with not being close enough to the lift mech, not that the thing was crap.
3.What is a long ago?
J0E1 said:
Plus, back when I was short enough to ride RR (a LONG ago)


Sorry, we're kind of sticklers here for proper wording (at least I am). Or at least re-read what you're about to post. It's really hard to get through a post when there's no effort made to spell words correctly, put together coherent sentences, or uses every shorthand they know in a post.

</grammar nazi>
I worked at LoD back in 2000, and that ride was the easiest to operate. Especially if you're just sitting there at the E-Stop button messing with kids.
Well just saying since it hasn't been said... the rides are the same ride. Why else would the same exact ride disappear from one location in the park and then end up in another?
So...not sure where to put this one. Defunct Rides? Former BGW Attractions? Land of the Dragons? This actually names Riffle Rapids, so here it is until someone wants to relocate it.

From 1996 in LOD.



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    1996 Riffle Rapids.jpg
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Alright, out of sheer boredom and a never ending desire to find out the true reason as to why Bert & Ernie's Loch Adventure does not have a drop compared to the vastly superior RR, I have come to two possible conclusions.

#1. This makes the most sense logically, but as other forum members have said, the ride was a pain in the rear to operate with that pesky little lift. It seems like due to it's short length and the weight of the themed fiberglass boats combined with the weight of the passengers, that it would put a lot of strain on the actual chain making it a challenge to send them over the top. I could be wrong, as this was a very long time ago, but I even remember an attendant sitting near the lift to make sure the boats would successfully clear it, despite it's short height.

#2. This is something that I just recently noticed, but there is a significant difference in size between the RR and Bert and Ernie's Loch Adventure boats. The BAELA boats, something about that just doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely, had additional material added to the side to make it easier to enter and exit the boats, which also increased the weight.
Assuming that these are the same boats from Riffle Rapids, and they just received new paint jobs based on the nearly identical design, there's a significant lack of the side material found in the older version. I've attached an extremely blurry photo for reference.
IMG_1454 2.jpg
Tampa actually still operates their kiddie flume with the drop, and as you can see in this photo these ride vehicles don't have the additional side material found in Williamsburg and are still the original slimmer model with a different thematic shell.
With the weird shaping of the FOF ride layout, specifically the part where the flume opens up near the awkward fountains that don't get you wet, but just go over guests, it makes me wonder if this ride was originally planned to have the drop. Tampa still somehow manages to use their original flume, but for some reason Williamsburg seems to have deemed it not worthy of operation. Even in the original concept art for FoF, a drop can be seen in the back right corner of the layout.
As a kid, I really enjoyed Riffle Rapids with the slow turn underneath the bridge past the foliage, the clanky crawl up that slow lift where you would wave to the attendant, and the satisfying splash followed by a turn around back to the station. B&ELA just seems lifeless in comparison with it's cartoon cut out castle, flat ride layout, and practically empty in-field. Most guests have probably even forgotten that RR ever existed, and many probably never even knew of it's existence tucked in the back of LOD underneath the main tree house.

I find it interesting that B&ELA seems like it was planned to have a drop, has the space for a drop, and just doesn't have a drop. I wonder if they added the extra material to make the ride more accessible, without realizing that it wouldn't be able to properly go up the lift? Or, if they just decided it wasn't worth the effort to move the already troublesome lift mechanism? Anyways, it's just a kiddie ride, and RR is merely a memory of the past in my mind, as fans it's our job to try and overanalyze every single aspect of the park good and bad, and as someone who's been interested in the park for a very long time, there's few things left that are left unanswered, and this ride is one of them.
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