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Apr 29, 2011
Extreme Flooding in Belgium has temporarily closed a some parks.

Here's footage of the area around Plopsa Coo in Stavelot, Belgium filmed on July 15, 2021. The red coaster in the footage is a Gerstlauer called Vicky The Viking.

Photos of Walibi Belgium flooded...

Walibi Flooding.jpgWalibiFlood2.jpg
Nov 5, 2009
Six flags New Orleans...
To anyone concerned this could be the same situation, it isn't. SFNO was only open for a few years, was in the worst part of a city that isn't known for being safe and family friendly, and the biggest issue, it was never profitable. The flooding in SFNO lasted for around a month which led to an insane level of damge to nearly the entire park. Since the park was essentially totaled, SF decided to use the insurance payout elsewhere on safer ventures. ESP as the economic collapse happened before any rebuild materialized.
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