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I would like for next year to have the performers to wear traditional Italian costumes and have a man and woman alternating for the lead singer to make things interesting. Other than that, I think this show is definitely better than Mix it Up that's for sure.
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Uh, nope?

The website says its playing today at 1, 330, 530 and 7.
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It makes me wonder if any of the three guys will be in any of the hos shows this year
The show was only two of the guys yesterday.


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A downside to a small production is that it's noticable when one of the performers is out sick or on holiday; where a production like Celtic Fyre you can adjust and few will notice.

The upside is that each of these guys are good enough individual performers that the show doesn't feel lacking with an absence.
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I know this show is divisive, and I agree that past performers here have tended to over-sing from time to time, but this is another one of those shows that I think is perfect for BGW and perfect for Il Teatro di San Marco. It's just pleasant and relaxing - the perfect show to eat a Marco Polo's meal to, or just to take in while sitting back and taking a break from the heat. Bel Concertino, like the covid-era Oompah Band in the Festhaus, is a perfect example of how the park doesn't need to break the bank with big, flashy productions to provide some enjoyable entertainment.
The lead vocalist is a park/cruise veteran of 15+ years back after 11 years away, like Gabe. He knows how to sing and not over do it. Plus, this is the quaint type of show of old. Like Monster Stomp turning into Monster Stomp Revamped 's indoor uber production (which he was in). Besides big amphitheater shows like Imaginique. Kinetix (which he was also in), Rockin' Eve, etc.
That's absolutely gorgeous! I'd follow an Instagram dedicated to "quick" park sketches/paintings like this, just sayin'
I agree! The park would be lucky to have something like this in one of their shops! Just sayin' as well!
This is fantastic. I would 100% deplete an Etsy store's inventory of park sketches if that was something she was interested in, as the third person who is "just sayin'"
I would Totally buy it
So where's the Etsy link?? 😍

Appreciate all the positive feedback. She doesn't have a store (yet), but if anyone is actually interested, you can hit her up on Instagram and I'm sure she'll be happy to work something out.
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