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Yes, this production has three performers. We understand the pianist this opening weekend is the actual violin and mandolin player. The "real" pianist had to be away on emergency. To be the stand-in, the violinist was phenomenal on the fake ivories. Fun fact - the vocalist is the original lead-male vampire from the inaugural Monster Stomp: Revamped. 10 years later and still going strong! He is solid and legit. We think they both are a real asset to the park and excellent performers. We can't wait to see the full production.
It seems really unlikely that we'll see that level of investment in an Il Teatro di San Marco show return again in the foreseeable future.

Entertainment's budget for in-house productions can't sustain more than one or two major main season products per year at this point. The park has seen a lot of success despite making increasingly deep cuts to Ent for years now. Perhaps there is a breaking point somewhere down this line, but BGW doesn't seem to think they've crossed that line yet.
Even though I really like some show productions where you see where the money went (All For One and Britmania), something small and quaint is really good to. Plus I wasn't much of a fan of Mix it Up as a lot of people were but I liked the concept of it despite it not being "Italian" in the slightest. Shows like Celtic Fyre, OktoberZest 2019, and now this prove that simple shows that are appropriately themed can be really good and not need a big fat budget to be decent (coughLondonRockscough).

Actually didn't Busch Gardens Williamsburg used to do shows that were actually quaint back in the 80's and 90's? I think going this direction is a smart and economic move IMO.
You might be surprised but almost every performer at BGW is a seasonal hire and had a 6 month contract. Then they leave and go work elsewhere. A lot of them go work at another theme park or a cruise ship.

One of my friends does this with Hersheypark. He’s with the small ensemble of horns that play outside Musicbox theater. He plays May-September; then does Carnival Caribbean cruises from October-March.
This makes a convenient year round job for performers since many cruise boats "reposition" to the Caribbean during the winter months increased opportunities when theme park summer jobs end.
Wouldn't it be interesting to revisit MS:R instead of MSoRR since the Globe is in flux? One of these veterans is back for this show and some of these others have been around. They could have reunited smash casts from previous HOS shows for the XX celebration last year. One can dream.

Ah well, back to your regularly scheduled thread. Bel Concertino is the show this venue needs and these performers are excellent. I too miss MIU, but some iteration of that could have went into the Globe where weather is irrelevant to the performers. Heck, MIU was more Monster Stomp than MSoRR anyway.


p.s. I've downed the park in other threads, but returning this theatre to it's almost (I'm looking at you fountains) original state wins the "Park Can Do Somthin' Right If It Wants" award for this year.
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Picture of the three performers. Seen it while having a late lunch. I enjoyed it. Nice, relaxing show and the guys are good.


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