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Jun 28, 2012
I have got to kill some time on 4 July 2012 between the time I arrive at the park (early I was told, the park that day opens at 10 am) and the time the buffet / fireworks watching begins, 8:30 pm.

If I go to my car to get something to drink and snack on, and to read; I will be in the parking lot but not outside BGW plant.

So, does that constitute being outside the park in management's minds and will I find myself locked out, if the crowds get big? If that's the case, then, there goes my $28.50.

Crackel said:
Nope. Capacity isn't the issue. It's a matter of parking spaces.

Oh, good. Thanks.

Speaking of which, the Scotland / Bavaria overflow lot that is behind those stores near the KFC, what's to prevent cars from going in that way and getting around paying the thirteen dollar parking fee.

The second to the last time I was at BGW in 2011, I had to go through the parking kiosk and then be re-routed for about a mile or so then be dumped out into the Scotland / Bavaria lot. When I drove out at the end of the evening, I did not see any sort of gate, barrier or stop sticks that would prevent people from driving into that area nor did I see any sort of guard booth.

What steps have BGW taken to make sure that they don't have people trying to be sneaky in the Scotland / Bavaria parking area ?

When Busch is parking guests across the street in the aux. lots I simply turn at the stop light and park there without the mile or more of traffic. I have never had a problem doing so..

Eric M
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